Learn Practical Tips About Weight Loss That Go Beyond Traditional Diet

This is episode 118 of The MenProvement Podcast.  In this episode of The Menprovement Podcast I interview Pete Weintraub – a weightloss expert.

Throughout his childhood, he was always teased about his weight. Kids can be cruel, and going to summer camp seemed to bring out the worst in them.

When it was time to go swimming, he was so self-conscious after the first few days that I’d decided to bring an extra T-shirt with me to wear to the pool. He wasn’t athletic and didn’t play sports at the time, so when we did group activities and played team sports, he was always picked last by the jockiest kids in the group, and often shunned for his lack of productivity on the field.

He tried losing weight twice, and it always came back. This time came up with a method that allows him to remain shredded permanently and never have to worry about the yoyo effect ever again.

You Will Learn:

– Why diets don’t work and what to use instead

– How few simple changes applied consistantly can result in massive difference

– The dangers of Standard American Diet

Links and Resources:

>>> Check out Pete’s website to go deeper into learning about weightloss

>>>Check out the Menprovement Academy – the Ultimate Self Improvement Platform For Men

Artur from Menprovement is on a personal mission to master his life. As he's learning new things in the world of dating, and personal development, he will share the knowledge with the rest of the world.


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