How to Be Freakishly Good With Women By Applying This Simple 4 Step Formula

How to Be Freakishly Good With Women By Applying This Simple 4 Step Formula

How to Be Freakishly Good With Women By Applying This Simple 4 Step Formula

How to Be Freakishly Good With Women By Applying This Simple 4 Step Formula
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This is episode 097 of The MenProvement Podcast.  In this episode of The Menprovement Podcast I interview Jim Wolfe – a self improvement and seduction expert.
Jim was studying self-improvement and dating concepts for over 10 years now. He came up with a formula that puts his knowledge into a simple formula that anyone can follow. We provide you with actionable steps you can start implementing today to step out of your comfort zone and get the dating part of your life handled once and for all

You Will Learn:

How to Have a High Internal Value – You don’t need to draw your self-esteem from you accomplishments, possessions or number of women you slept with. You decide how valuable you are and it doesn’t have to have anything to back it up. Once you realize this, your locus of control will be geared towards simply expressing who you are and not asking anything in return. Which of course attracts women like crazy…
– How to Have High Internal Strength  – How to become this guy who is icy, and will not be shaken by any perceived obstacles. His flow is uninterrupted in the middle of the storm. Women find this attractive because they draw their emotional states from the outside, if you can provide them with strong grounding energy, their emotions will be much more stable. You want to be a guy who is not going to be shaken by her freak out, she can throw anything she likes at you and the more you remain grounded, the more attracted she will become.
– How to Use Preselection to Your Advantage – Preselection is a way for a girl to tell that you are a high quality guy by the fact that other girls like you. It is a form of social proof, as well as short circuiting process girls do unconsciously  to determine if this guy has value or not. Think about it this way : if you see everyone is going crazy for a new block buster, does this make you interested more or less? You at least want to find out, what is all the commotion right? Well, girls are no different!
– How to Challenge a Woman – If it’s too smooth, it becomes boring. Girls enjoy the emotions and emotional spikes! Provide her with the drama and challenge she craves. The uncertainty and challenge is very attractive. There is a reason why all the romantic novels are so popular.

Links and Resources:

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– Check Out Jim’s New Book on How to Be a Badass 
– Check out the Menprovement Academy – the Ultimate Self Improvement Platform For Men

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  1. Hi Artur,
    Great podcast on being “freakishly good with women” with Jim.
    I’ve been listening in to every podcast so far and it’s great to see you become natural with the mic and delivering awesome stuff to your listeners!
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