MPP007: Diaries of a Pick Up Artist – Ex RSD Assistant Finally Speaks Up…

The Menprovement Podcast Episode 007

This is the episode 007 of The Menprovement Podcast. In this episode, I will speak with Bostjan Belingar an ex-assistant of RSDMax.
After finishing his apprenticeship for RSD Bostijan moved on to bigger and better things. He now resides in Barcelona and makes it rain with his digital marketing skills.
But none of it would be possible without the crazy, mind-boggling work-ethic and developing inhuman levels of self-discipline that are only possible when you are on a world tour while trying to build a business.
Since he’s been traveling with RSDMax, you can expect all sorts of interesting insights and behind the scenes stories that happened his world tour.
Since all you see on YouTube is the glamour and awesomeness of this lifestyle, we wanted to give you a reality check and put things in a proper context. It’s not just fun and games, it’s also a lot of hard work sweat and tears.
But as you’re about to find out it’s all worth it in the end, and the turbo-charged amounts of incredible self-growth you can get from those amazing adventures (good and bad) makes it all worth it in the end.

You Will Learn:

  • How the life of dating coaches looks like
  • The dark side of being a dating coach and traveling all the time
  • Higher level understanding of game and dating
  • Bostijan’s story – how he went from sucking with girls to being a chick magnet

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– Artur Kot

Artur Kot

Artur Kot

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