The Secrets of Tantric Sex and Taking Your Sex Life to The Next Level with Elise Car

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The MenProvement Podcast: Episode 117

Today I interview Elise Car, an expert in the field of tantra, tantric sex and tantric sexuality.

While tantric sex has connotations of ‘spirituality’, which many people have zero interest in; it is not strictly a spiritual practice and can be applied a very practical and straightforward way, with the end result of greater emotional freedom, expression, openness, intimacy and sexual pleasure. 

What can you expect to learn?

– What is Tantra?

– How you can take your sexual skills, prowess and drive to the next level

– Push past unfulfilling and superficial sex advice that (while it does have it’s place) sometimes feels like all it has to offer is an extra 1% stimulation, and not the feeling of energising sex and ‘letting lose’ that we are looking for.

– Move away from fear and move towards greater purpose, passion and fulfilment

– Making tantra a part of your lifestyle

– Have tantric experiences based on ancient, and modern, teachings

I really enjoyed working with the materials and advice in this podcast. I really felt like I expanded my horizons and gained a greater insight into how I can feel the feelings that I want to feel and have the sort of sex that I want to have!

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