Breakthrough Research in the Science of Alcohol Addiction and How to Stop Drinking by Yourself, with Dr Frank Gibson

The MenProvement Podcast: Episode 114

Today I interview: Dr Frank Gibson, a professional, pioneering in the field of alcohol addiction, curing alcoholism and how to stop drinking on your own.

A few thoughts on the author and what to expect:

Most of us are familiar with ’12 step programs’ that are designed to help people quit drinking, and while they do continue to work very well for some people; the results are somewhat random and the whole subject of quitting-drinking still seems like a very large, complex and daunting subject.

But in the same way that polio was a very serious problem that affected people’s lives, before a cure was discovered, addiction to alcohol is starting to uncover various processes and practices that can help people to move on from their addiction to alcohol, in some cases all by themselves.

In this episode you will learn:

– A new solution to outgrowing alcohol addiction/dependence

– How society hypnotises you into thinking that it is normal to ignore your problems by drinking

– How you can find ways to move on from alcohol addiction, either on your own or with someone’s guidance
– How to get rid of the addiction without having to continually battle with urges and utilise excess amounts of willpower, and instead make the process much easier
– The science of addiction
– How you can utilise this information, as well as other information from (or any other success website that you like) to start creating an upward spiral and to live the life you want, which alcohol is perhaps keeping you from living.

If you think you are struggling with alcohol, or that alcohol dependence is becoming a problem for yourself then this podcast was made with you in mind.

Brief summary and my thoughts:

Be aware of what you are facing. If you feel like you have things in your life, or from your past, that  you feel are holding you back from being who you know you really are deep down; we guarantee there are ways of removing those block. You don’t have to cover them up with alcoholism (or any other addiction for that matter).

You certainly don’t have to feel like ‘being an alcoholic’ is the only way that you can feel unique and different… While it may feel that way from your perspective, everyone else around you will actually begin to notice you less and less.

Having a drink with friends, or to chill out from time to time can be fantastic and some of the best times can be had while drinking. But it is not a lifestyle. You can create an awesome life where you feel good everyday, and drinking just something you do occasionally to make an awesome day even more fun.

But alcohol can never make an unsatisfying life become awesome… it can only numb it. It cannot make you the outgoing and charming guy that you want to be; it can only stop you from feeling shy for a while.

We hope that this episode will give you a perspective that you have been looking for and inspire you to start searching for the resources and information that you need to make your life the way you want it… because we promise you; if someone has already created the same results in their life that you would like to have in your life, then the information for you to do the same thing is out there.

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