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Love me tinder love me sweet, tomorrow let me go, you have made my night complete… and it might be it! Oh, poor Elvis! If the King was alive I wonder how would he react to the modern-day romance. But the times change, technology is ever evolving, and so is love obviously.

Everything happens so fast and there is less time for organic encounters that happen spontaneously. Much of our lives have moved online and we live too often with our heads in the clouds i.e. cloud storages. So, don’t think that romance is dead, it’s just that it usually lasts much shorter nowadays.

Once upon a time, there was an app… This is how future fairytales are going to begin, and just like in all fairy tales happy ending awaits us. Aren’t we all up for a happy ending? For some of us, it comes after one night and for others after years of dating. It is important to know what you are looking for.
No matter if you are looking for a hookup or your soulmate, dating apps are almost unavoidable. Tinder’s stake in the market is definitely the biggest one. It became a synonym for a dating application. The app has even influenced the language by having its expressions accepted, such as ‘I’d swipe her right’.
Everybody knows what it means. And if you think for a bit, it is kind of amazing to have the possibility of carrying your perfect match in your pocket. Anyways, it is what it is, so here comes the most up-to-date Tinder guide to help you make the best of online dating reality!
tinder guide

Tinder upgrade

Maybe you can’t win them all, but you certainly can win more. Upgrade your app! Tinder plus offers you some options that can improve your position in the Tinder dating world, such as one boost a month, rewind the last swipe, five super likes per day.
You can also get a passport to swipe around the world, which means you can use Tinder for other things than dating. Learning a language is also possible as you get the opportunity to swipe right some french mademoiselles.
Chatting i.e. practicing the language is the best way to improve it. There’s also Tinder Gold, which is just one step further allowing you to see who likes you. It might be fool’s gold, but you’ll never know if you don’t look for it!

Strike a pose!

Mind your profile pictures! This is a basic one but extremely important. People usually forget that photos and bio are the first things that people get to know about you and how important those are.
Your photos should be diverse and should show off your lifestyle. If you are an outdoor person, you might post a picture of you with a backpack hiking in nature, or if you love animals post one with your pet.
Girls will get the message that you are caring and emotional, so you’ll get a plus on Tinder thanks to your pet. So think about rewarding your wingman pet with some extra cookies.
Also, avoid sunglasses or at least don’t have them on every picture, as you are less likely to get swiped right if you wear them. Eyes convey trust and attractiveness, so try not to cover them.
No gym photos either. It’s like bragging and using your physical appearance as your main asset to attract someone. Girls aren’t shallow. Besides, are your muscles really your most prominent feature? Is it not your brain or your an interesting personality?
tinder guide

Bio upgrade

When it comes to the bio, keep it simple, honest and funny. Hopefully, the most interesting thing you can write about yourself isn’t just a plain info that doesn’t say anything about your personality.
Try listing your hobbies, and definitely put something that sets you out. Like humor, for example, it always works! Women aren’t going to swipe you right just based on your photo. Men do that and that is something that ladies know, which is what their strategy is based on polished and carefully chosen pictures.

Do you speak Tinder?

Learn the Tinder slang. Knowing the language keeps misunderstandings from happening. For example, if a lady has ‘no ONS’ sign put out, it means she isn’t available for one night stands.
So if ONSs are what you are looking for you should better swipe left. Being specific and upfront about what you want makes things easier giving you more chances of matching with people who are similarly inclined. There’s already enough mystery on Tinder. Those are strangers you’re talking to! There is also an option of linking Tinder to other accounts.
tinder guide

Messaging chivalry

Speaking of communication techniques and strategies here is an important advice: be brave! No, it doesn’t mean you should start off with discussing your libido right away nor with a too simple hi or hey.
It’s about having the courage to message first. Most women don’t prefer to be the ones who message first. They need to feel wanted! If she doesn’t respond to your message you might wanna try to send one or two more.
Still no response? Forget about it. Don’t let your hurt ego send rule or even insult her, just because you didn’t get what you wanted.   


What about meeting someone IRL, and no IRL doesn’t stand for Ireland but for In Real LIfe. Just be prepared that a person you hit off with, might not be as attractive or interesting as you thought she would be. There’s always a way out.
Weird scenario happened to a friend. He was messaging this girl for a couple of days when he invited her for a night out. Both wanted just a casual encounter, no strings attached.
So he met up with this hot chick who looks as good as on her photos. They went drinking, hit off really well and decided to spend the night together. The night happened, but so did the next morning.
She wasn’t there beside him. A lazy bag as he is, the first thought he had was he didn’t have to invite her to stay for the breakfast and could go on with sleeping. Real awakening came later when he discovered that the girl wasn’t the only one missing but his trayvax wallet too.
He didn’t hear from her and was pretty angry, thinking about deleting his account. When the lazy bad decided to do some cleaning around the house he found his wallet under his bed.
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Dating apps are becoming increasingly popular, with Tinder as a leader. They must be serving its purpose. Still, being skeptical is alright, alright? Just mind the difference between being skeptical and having an opinion about something without trying it out. You might want to try someone, pardon something before ditching it.
The moral of the story is: get to know her, and don’t drink too much! Whether online or in real life, we are still human beings. No matter how we communicate, what we communicate doesn’t change much. It’s still the same old story, fight for love and glory… So it’s gonna be forever or we gonna go down in flames.

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