the law of attraction and money

You’re a modern man and you want to help other men sand down their edges or scrape off their more unkempt residue. Perhaps you want to help people understand the difference between braces and suspenders or why cufflinks are superior to buttons. If this is you, then starting a men’s lifestyle blog is a great idea.

This provides a platform for you to explore all of these topics, improve your expertise, keep you on the cutting edge and even potentially make some money. For many, the idea that you can riff about your takes on fashion and health sounds fun, but when you add the idea that you can make money, people become even more interested. So, how do you monetize your men’s lifestyle blog? Here are some realistic ways your men’s lifestyle blog can make money.


Ad Services

To start with, create and maintain your blog with the idea that you are pursuing your personal interests. This helps keep your content natural and authentic. Readers avoid content that is obviously contrived or designed simply to attract clicks. When you do  this, you can build an organic and broad readership. This allows you to make money from advertisements. When you have a large readership, companies are willing to pay you to display their ads on your site.

There are also ad services like Adsense which will pay you based on the impressions their ads get on your site. They provide you with code that you embed in your blog and the more readers respond to the ads, the more you make. With a men’s lifestyle blog, you might even want to customize your ads through services like Adpushup. These ads will be targeted to your audience and receive a better conversion.

You can also sell ads to targeted business, perhaps local ones where you personally interact with the owner. This allows you to create a win-win with businesses you already patronize and have a relationship with. Sometimes these relationships transact through barter.

For example, you provide free ads for the business, and they provide you your morning coffee. This might not seem like a profit, but if you don’t have to buy coffee any longer, the money saved is tantamount to money earned.



SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and has become a booming industry. One of the major ways in which these SEO companies provide services is to publish content on blogs which include links back to their clients. These companies will often pay you to post their articles on your site. This is a great way to maintain a high volume of fresh content, while getting paid for doing so.



If your blog can cultivate a popular brand, selling merchandise through your blog is a great way to leverage your blog and brand to make money. You are already telling readers which styles are the best, why not also provide those styles and get your cut?

You might even use this to launch your own line of merchandise where you design the items as well as sell them. If you are truly interested in this niche, participating in shaping the industry could be an exciting opportunity to leverage your expertise.



If your content becomes coveted enough, you can charge readers for access. Some sites will allow some free reading of content, but after a certain number of articles have been read, then they must pay to continue reading. This only works if your content is compelling enough that people are willing to open their wallets, but if you can create this kind of demand, subscriptions is a great way to add to your revenue.


Sponsored Posts

Like with SEO posts, some companies simply want to have a post that promotes their brand or business. They will pay you to post their article. This is essentially an advertisement, but instead of embedding and ad in an article, the ad is the article. Many sites will tag or label such posts as sponsored, but, as the editor of your own blog, you can negotiate with your sponsors how their posts will be displayed.


Affiliate Programs

Companies like Amazon allow you to sign up to become an affiliate. They provide code you can embed in posts that are advertisements and if someone clicks on those ads and buys from Amazon, you, as an affiliate, make a cut of that sell.

The biggest thing to keep in mind is that a good blog creates opportunity. Having a quality site with quality content is the first step. Once you’ve established that, you have multiple ways to monetize your site. Protect and build your brand then use that brand to make you money, so you can afford to dress in a style fitting your image. Otherwise, someone might start a blog in order to improve your image.


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