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Hair fall and subsequent hair loss are phenomenon that troubles both the genders equally. Losing hair on a regular basis leads to a receding hairline, which is quite a devastating phenomenon for them. They lose self-esteem and in extreme cases, may also go into a state of depression.

Men are more likely to be affected by hair loss as compared to women. The reasons or factors that contribute to it, include but are not limited to – imbalanced diet, medications, male pattern baldness etc. There is very little that can be done after men start losing hair on a regular basis. But knowing the root causes of hair loss and then opting for remedial measures at the right time can benefit them.

For instance, why not learn about some of the most common mistakes, which actively contribute to hair loss and address them? Let us take a look at some of the pointers to know more.

Mistakes that Actively Contribute to Hairloss


1. Vigorously Rubbing the Hair Dry

It is a common practice to rub the hair dry with a towel immediately after a shower. We are all guilty of doing this, isn’t it? But then, we forget the fact that wet hair is weak and prone to breakage. Rubbing your scalp vigorously will lead to a breaking of your hair and, thereby, cause hair loss.

So, instead of rubbing your hair with a towel vigorously, gently pat it dry with your towel or even a t-shirt. The good idea is to dry the excess moisture and then, leave your hair to dry on its own naturally. Alternately, you can wrap your hair in the towel so that it can absorb the excess water and then take it out when you think your hair is almost dry.

2. Combing Wet Hair

Combing or brushing hair when it is still wet can also lead to hair breakage and subsequent hair loss. Wait for your hair to partially or completely dry before using a hair brush or comb. Even when it is completely dry, go for a wide-tooth comb and use it on your hair.

3. Excessive Heat

Excessive heat on your scalp and hair such as while blow drying your hair or ironing/curling it frequently may cause irreversible damage to the hair shaft. It also leads to split-ends, hair breakage, hair becoming brittle, etc. Avoid such treatments to maintain a healthy mane on your scalp.

But if you ever feel the need to style up your hair a bit, you can always take some precautionary steps. For instance, keep your dryer at least 5 inches away from your hair even if you have attached a nozzle or a diffuser to it and use the lowest setting for heat. It is also advisable to use your hair dryer on partially dry hair and not on wet hair.

Ideally, you should allow your hair to air dry whenever it is possible instead of blow drying it. If you have long hair and use a straightening iron, curling iron or other tools that involve heat, try to limit the use to maybe once a week or less.

4. Tight Hairstyles

Tight braids in hair, tightly pulled hair in ponytail or wearing elastic headbands and other such hair accessories over a long period of time can lead to hair loss. In medical terms, this condition is known as ‘Traction Alopecia’, where the chronic pulling of hair causes hair loss at the hairline.

Try not to wear your hair way too tightly such as dreadlocks and cornrows (at least not for prolonged periods). The same goes with wearing your hair in a ponytail or a ‘man bun’. Even weaves and extensions can play a role in hair loss.

Opt for simple hairstyles or settle for hairstyles that do not involve too much pulling of the hair. Let your hair loose, in the literal sense of the word and you will be able to keep hair loss at bay.

5. Unhealthy Scalp

An infected and unhealthy scalp is a house of diseases and causes hair loss in men, although indirectly.  The most common of them is Seborrheic eczema, or dermatitis. This inflammatory skin condition causes flaky and scaly patched on the scalp and on the skin.

These flakes are called Dandruff when they fall off, making the scalp dry and itchy. Scratching this itchy scalp is what leads to hair loss. Hence, controlling dandruff is in a way helpful in controlling hair loss.

There are many over-the-counter products available, which can help get rid of dandruff. But more often than not, these products provide temporary relief. Instead, try using a scientifically-proven product to control and get rid of dandruff such as D’free – Anti-dandruff lotion. It is one of the best anti-dandruff products available on the market and provides instant, visible results in curbing dandruff and brings hair loss to a standstill.

6. Diet that Lacks Protein

When you do not get sufficient protein in your diet, your body starts rationing it on its own. Since hair is made up of protein, your body shuts down hair growth to conserve protein. Ideally, this happens 2-3 months, when there is a drop in your protein intake.

The solution is quite simple. You only need to increase the amount of protein in your diet. Settle for protein-rich food, which includes but are not limited – fish, meat, eggs, chickpeas etc. There are different protein-rich diet for non-vegetarians, vegetarian and even vegans. So, take your pick from a wide range of food to promote healthy hair growth.

7. Stressing too Much

Stress is a leading cause of hair fall and therefore, hair loss in men. Both physical and psychological stress has an adverse effect on hair as it usually sends your body in a state of shock and leads to hair loss termed as Telogen Effluvium. The hair loss is noticeable between 3-6 months after the physical or mental trauma.

Control stress in your life by practicing meditation, taking occasional breaks from work, indulging in long-lost hobbies, joining a class where you can network with like-minded people and make friends and so on and so forth. Just settle for an option that suits you the best possible way and helps you eliminate stress.

In Conclusion

If you are suffering from acute hair fall and hair loss, then these are some of the pitfalls that you need to watch out. Do you have any points that you want to add to the list? Or have some tips that can effectively control hair loss? Share your opinion with us through comments.



  1. Very nice article, thanks for post this. And
    I agree that these all above are the reasons of hair loss. So according to me, if you really want to prevent your hairs from damage. Then don’t smoke and apply some home remedies, do yoga and maintain your diet properly.


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