Whether we believe it or not, the subconscious mind does exist within each person in this world. The unconscious mind is the one that influences people with everything that they do in their lives.

It communicates to everyone through the subconscious mind to the conscious. Essentially, the subconscious mind is the barrier between the conscious and unconscious minds.

According to Sigmund Freud, considered to be the father of modern psychology, there are three levels of the mind. To better illustrate this concept, Freud himself created a model of a triangle which places the conscious on top, the subconscious in the middle, and the unconscious in the bottom part.

Another model which utilizes an iceberg places the conscious on the tip or the visible part of the iceberg which accounts for 10% of brain function. Beneath it, is the part that is submerged, or the subconscious which accounts for 50% and finally, the deepest and most inaccessible part is the unconscious which is responsible for 40% of the brain’s functioning.

Here are some more details to further explain what the subconscious mind is, and what it means for most people who are aware of its existence. The subconscious mind apart from being the barrier between unconscious and conscious minds is a huge memory bank. The subconscious is also responsible for retrieving memories from the unconscious.

Its capacity is greater than that of any computer because it has virtually no limit. In controlled conditions such as hypnosis, people with advanced age can retrieve memories from over 50 years ago with incredible precision and clarity. This feat is just an example of how powerful and influential the subconscious mind can be for a person.

However, the most active part of the mind is the conscious part where most people associate themselves.

The conscious mind is in control of the subconscious and unconscious. Focusing more on the subconscious, it works day and night tirelessly to make a person’s behavior fit into a consistent pattern with feelings, desires, hopes, insecurities, and other factors buried deep within the unconscious.

Another unique quality that the subconscious vitally holds is that it is responsible for homeostasis. Homeostasis by definition is a stable equilibrium within the physiological processes of the human being. Meaning, that the subconscious is vital in maintaining the involuntary actions of a person.

These involuntary movements are actions that don’t need to access the conscious part of a person’s brain. Examples of these are breathing, blinking, the digestive process, and so much more. Imagine the trouble a human being would go through if they would constantly think about breathing and blinking.

Mentally, the subconscious is also responsible for a similar kind of “Homeostasis” by keeping consistency in the ways a person thinks, acts, and feels due to past decisions and beliefs. As positive as it may be, the subconscious is also responsible for an individual’s stagnation.

The subconscious is what drives fear in people who want to start new things in their life. The subconscious is considered the focal point of why people stay in their comfort zones. This effect can be devastating to the point that it holds back the potential of people from ever materializing.

Men and women who are successful in life know that staying inside their comfort zones would amount to nothing. Instead, they dare go out and develop themselves. These people know that life in the comfort zone prohibits the growth of creativity and hampers the benefits of being productive.

For ordinary people, dealing with matters that lie deep within academic expertise such as psychology, may be a daunting and scary task. Imaginative screenwriters and directors have an incredible amount of success when portraying topics that are enigmatic. Movies such as Split, Shutter Island, and a lot more psychological thrillers all contribute to this fear.

People should not be scared of such topics as the realm and possibilities of psychology is present within everyone. Mentioned earlier, successful people embrace the unknown and propel themselves towards success. For everyday men and women, training and somewhat controlling the subconscious towards success is a very real thing.

Here are some tips to train the subconscious mind to help a person push themselves towards wealth and success.

The Right Place

mind powerMost people find that spending a considerable amount of time in a particular location helps them greatly in seeing, hearing, and feeling things more clearly.  Places that hold high regards for respect, such as a library lounge, churches, sanctuaries, or even a person’s room can be good ideas on where to spend time thinking.

A place should have vital importance for the individual. It should be a place that is quiet and must not have anything that will distract a person from their meditation.

mind power

Finding the right place isn’t enough. The ambiance has to be conducive to a person’s goal. If it’s inside a room owned by the individual, then dim lighting would be perfect. Candle lit rooms offer a warm feeling that helps a person when they begin to meditate.

Scents are also a good way to stimulate and calm the mind. Scented candles can double as a light source and at the same time provide a calming scent for the room. Almost anything can contribute to the ambiance of a particular room or space.

Another good idea for an individual seeking inner peace is by providing tatami mats or any soft cushion to rest on while inside. Should people meet the prerequisites of meditation, then unlocking the hidden potentials of the subconscious are just a few steps away.

Keeping it Simple

mind powerBefore proceeding to meditate, individuals should always consider their requests or messages to be short, concise, and realistic. Also, remember that apart from the goal, the journey itself can be far greater than the destination. People should not focus on what might happen but instead, should center their attention on how they plan to get towards that goal.

Meditation is by simply talking to one’s self in peace and clearing anything that will bother a person’s peace. Avoid complicating things with unrealistic goals such as “A one shot, sure-fire way of earning $1 million dollars tomorrow.”


mind powerNow it’s time for the individual to settle down and visualize how they should reach their goal. It’s never a bad idea to see the target, but that should not be the priority. A person’s mind power is powerful enough to imagine the things that would make him or her happy and keep sight on that image.

Even if a lot of imagination is required to do this task, it always helps to be realistic. Avoid wishing and talking about far-fetched and unwarranted ideas. If a person does not avoid these kinds of distractions, then they are not meditating, but are daydreaming instead.

Avoid Envy and Jealousy

There will be times that comparison with others is inevitable. In such cases, avoid jealousy and envy as they will cloud the mind of person’s goals. Instead of pursuing a personal target, an individual may focus on moving past or surpassing another person which dilutes the essence of making one’s self better.

Physical Activity

A healthy mind is one with a healthy body. Never underestimate the conditions of the human body. The mind may be sharp, but the body is weak. A healthy lifestyle can ensure that a person is efficient, productive, physically able, and mentally fit. You can also seek advises of experts or find the best baulkham hills psychologist to achieve a more holistic well-being.

Doing exercises such as planking and yoga poses is an excellent idea to calm the mind and provide exercise to the body.

A healthy diet has the best health benefits which also accounts for mental acuity and strength. Avoid food or beverages that are toxic to the brain and body. Too much alcohol can become a depressant and will certainly cloud an individual’s state of mind.

Drugs and other mind altering substances should never become an option for because it will damage more with absolutely zero benefits.


Individuals should always remember to keep a positive outlook on life. Keeping into account of being realistic, a person should always remember to keep something positive from an otherwise dire situation.

People should always bear in mind that the losses in life are opportunities to better one’s self. The negatives can surely become the positives in driving a person towards their dream. A negative only becomes harmful when a person dwells in it and refuses to learn.


Even if a person attains his or her goal, it shouldn’t be enough reason to stop meditating. A healthy and positive outlook is not only maintained through exercise, diet, and beliefs. Keeping wellness is by making all the necessary procedures as routine.

A person should set a particular time or day in a week for that special “alone” time to reassess, clear their minds, and prepare for other things to come, whether it be positive or negative.


The human psyche is truly a mysterious thing. Within the confines of a person’s thoughts, lays the three levels of the mind. These levels are the consciousness, the subconsciousness, and the unconsciousness. Sigmund Freud perfectly illustrates these three levels in a model that also details the functions of all three tiers.

Sigmund even goes as far as to liken the human mind to a floating iceberg. Understanding each level is vital for a person to become successful. The subconscious, in particular, is the one responsible for influencing a person to act accordingly to their feelings. The subconscious is also responsible for important physiologic functions such as homeostasis.

Another thing that the subconscious is responsible for is the comfort zone of each person. Individuals who understand the negatives of staying in a comfort zone know that to be successful, one has to leave the said space.

Every human being can be capable of unlocking the subconscious which is essentially the same as unlocking one’s full potential.


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