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Frankly, when shopping for a coat there are two factors to consider:

1. The type of weather you will be wearing it in.

2. The type of occasions you will be wearing it to.

To narrow down your options, I would begin by determining the type of occasions you will be wearing it to. For the sake of this article, I will walk you through the best styles, going from formal to casual, and which are best for what weather.

Formal Coats:

Duffle Coat


The Duffle Coat is the warmest of the formal coats, mainly because of it’s hood. The hood and toggles give it a nice modern look, while maintaining the classic feel of a wool, pea coat or overcoat. Prices have a huge range, going as low as $40 to over $1,000, depending on where you look. I suggest shelling out a little extra cash for this coat, it will be a good investment because you can pretty much where it anywhere as long as the weather permits you to.

You can find a nice selection of Duffle Coats if you click here.



An Overcoat is pretty much essential for any businessman’s wardrobe. If you wear a suit on a regular basis in a place that has heavy winters, I would highly recommend getting an overcoat. While it can be replaced by a nice pea coat, the length will keep you warmer and looks just that much more official.

A Topcoat is just a lighter version of the Overcoat and is a great alternative for late fall/early spring weather.

For a great selection of Overcoats and Topcoats, click here.



A Pea Coat is a necessity for any man, unless you live on the equator and are never going to leave. It’s basically just a shorter overcoat, but it can be worn to very formal and casual events throughout the fall, winter and spring. If your on a budget, pea coats can be found for very cheap prices, if you look in the right places at the right time. I would look at place’s like Macy’s, Target, or The Burlington Coat Factory, after the holidays to get the most bang for your buck.

If your in a rush or prefer shopping online, click here.

Trench Coat


A Trench Coat is another one that should be mandatory for any businessman, regardless of where you live. It is used more for the rain than anything else but can also be worn in cold weather. This full-length water resistant coat will protect you and your suit from harsh weather conditions while retaining a nice formal look. No man should be seen wearing a plain old rain coat over their suit if they want to be taken seriously.

I own a London Fog, which is a great brand for trench coats. They are very affordable for the great quality you get out of it.

Here is a link to their website.

Make sure to always have an Umbrella handy since trench coats typically do not have a hood.

Casual Outerwear:



I personally love the parka style. It gives you that outdoorsy hiker type of feel without being too bulky or rugged which makes for a nice urban type of look. They are also typically very comfortable and functional. The parka is very warm and can withstand pretty much any kind of weather you will face throughout the winter.

Click here for a few options to look at online.

Insulated Down Coat/Puffer Jacket

mens puffer jacket

The insulated down coat, also known as the puffer jacket is extremely warm and can be very stylish depending on the quality of the jacket. The prices on these jackets have a very wide range but I suggest going for a more expensive brand. They will not only last much longer, but they will also look a hundred times better. The cheaper versions will either be too puffy or not fit your body right. This looks kind of juvenile, which is a style mistake you want to avoid.

But it is definitely more on the casual side of the spectrum and can be pulled off very nicely by a lot of guys. Just make sure never to wear it over your suit!

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Waxed Cotton Jacket

WaxedCottonJacketThe waxed cotton jacket is a great look for any guy who like to dress well and keeps up with his appearance. It is definitely a casual jacket but can pass as semi-formal. They are a little light for dead winter but are good in the rain and perfect for the in-between seasons.

Leather Jacket


Leather jackets are a timeless style that I think will never die out. There are also so many different variations you can find that will still make you look original. I could probably write a whole other article just on the different styles of leather jackets, but I won’t get into that now. Some are lighter and good for warmer weather, and some can be very heavy, sometimes with fur, which is a great look for the winter. If this is something on your agenda then I would start doing your homework because you will have a lot of research to do before finding the perfect leather jacket for you.

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Moto/Bomber Jacket


The moto/bomber jacket is another great casual style. It can often be another style of leather jacket, but they are made of many other fabrics as well. Again, these are better for the in between seasons but you can still find some that are warm enough for the middle of winter. This is another jacket that has a very wide range of styles so I would do my research for this one too.

If you like to shop online, here’s a good place to start: Moto/Bomber Jackets

In Conclusion:

There’s a lot of different types of winter jackets out there, and it really comes down to what you like and what you need. Shop around and find what suits you. For cheaper options, Macy’s and places like Burlington Coat Factory are awesome places to snag a coat. Or you can check out designer wear at East Danes Men’s section.

Either way, stay warm and stay sharp.



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