It’s cold and it’s grim, but before we know it the days will be getting longer and the weather warmer and so style must boldly go to meet the challenge of a spring and then a summer which can’t come soon enough.

Because it’s something of a paradox that the more layers we shed the more discerning we become about what remains.  Winter allows us to pack it all on in the more or less certain knowledge that if it’s warm then it’s most likely cool.  Summer, by contrast, is a time for looking good as well as for feeling good. Whether we are at work in the office or down on the beach, when the sun is out and the mood is right we are on parade, and how we look is who we are.

Strike a Pose for Summer

By the time it arrives you’ll want to be ready, which means not just being seen in the right gear but looking good in it too.  However much effort you put into choosing that t-shirt, it’s going to look better over a six-pack than on a ten-gallon barrel. So make sure you are in shape.

Simple designs rather than cheesy slogans are the best look for your t-shirt.  Choose a straightforward design, either plain or with a light pattern, and if your own physique supports a tailored fit then certainly go for it.  Polo shirts go well with chino shorts, which should be worn just slightly above the kneecap, and with a little space around the knee unless you want to look like an Olympic cyclist – but no flaps.

If you wish to go a little more formal then a plain colored light shirt with a discreet collar makes a much better statement than some gaudy Hawaiian article.  Again chinos are made for warm weather, but jeans are also a safe option. If blue, try a lighter shade. For dark, black always works for any occasion.

To the Serious Business

Of course few of us get to spend all our time at the beach or strolling in the park.  When there’s work to be done we must dress to meet expectations, which means a smart shirt and tie, and pressed pants.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t put on the style, indeed formal gives us the opportunity to put style at the forefront of how we present ourselves.

If you think a suit is just a suit then you’ve obviously never put on a herringbone jacket or pushed the boundaries with a side stripe.  A simple tweak or a little adornment added to your typical outfit can really stand you out from the crowd at the office.

Lastly, add some glitz to your look by investing in a cool set of suspenders.  Choose wide straps, either with an X-strap for functionality or a Y-strap for a more showy and up-to-date look.  There really is no better way for a man to emphasize style and to bring out the best in his two-piece and shirt.



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