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Mens style is one of the most important things when defining who you are. Your style is the first thing someone sees about you and will create an immediate first impression on who you are and what you are about as a person.

I once read a quote that said:

” If cats looked like frogs, we’d realize what nasty, cruel little bastards they are. Style, that’s what people remember.” – Terry Pratchett.

This is all too true and its time for you to use it to your advantage.

You want to get real women, you want to be respected, you want to be professional. Dress with confidence and have swagger. Look sharp and change your entire persona. It’s time to tell the world that you are a man and you know it.

This article outlines the basics of how you should be dressing. This isn’t an exact formula of what to wear because you need to tweak your style to suit who you are. I encourage you to find what works for you and what doesn’t. Everyone is different.

But this is a straightforward guideline on where to start, so you can dress like the respectable man that you are.

How should you aim to look?

Everyone is different. There is no one way you need to aim to look because depending on your persona your look is going to vary.

There are some easy things you can do to keep yourself looking fresh regardless.

1) Look clean

No matter what your style make sure you look fresh and clean.

No matter how nice, grungy looking clothes that have been worn three times already are not a good look.

2) Wear clothes that fit

You are doing yourself an easily fixable injustice if your clothes are hanging off you lie they are two sizes too big.

Make sure you maximize the things that are under your control.

Me personally, I like to keep a classy look with a little bit of attitude and swagger.

There a lot of places you can go to see some good looks like this and be inspired.

1) Hit up our Pintedrest

We have put together a nice board of awesome looks for men. If you go off of those looks you can’t go wrong.

2) Swag Trooper

This is a guy on tumbler and to me, he is a genius. Click that link and scroll through his page. That is the life you should aspire to. You should aim to dress like the guys he has on his site. Its classy with swagger. Not many guys dress this way and girls do notice.

3) Watch “Crazy Stupid Love”

If you can afford really nice clothes, watch this movie and emulate Ryan Goslings look. This is a perfect example of how a man should dress.


Where can you buy clothes like this?


Gilt is a fantastic resource for getting clothes online. Gilt has daily sales for both men and women that go at a first come first serve basis. It is a truly unique shopping experience.

The way it works is that every day at noon and weekends at 9 PM numerous sales go live. The catch is that once the sales go live the clothes go fast, its first come first serve.

All the clothes on this site are the extremely high end and are for real men. Gilt receives clothes from the top and up and coming designers to get their lines out. There are no shitty brands and no shitty clothes, and if you check regularly and play your cards right you can get some unbelievable deals.

Every week they have 80% off sales for whatever clothes have not sold during previous sales. Wearing clothes from Gilt will make you look amazing, show your class, and won’t break the bank.

Soon I will post a past order where I received over 350.00 worth of clothes for 70.00. I wear them weekly because they are fucking awesome.

“you can tell everything about a man by his shoes.”

I once posted a picture of my shoe collection on Facebook. That picture is shown below.

Shortly after I had a gorgeous girl who I happened to be friends with the comment, “You can tell everything about a man by his shoes ; )”

I had never talked to this girl in my life. But she was right, and this stuck with me.

Shoes are extremely important to pull together your look. You can have an awesome outfit and have it all completely ruined by a shitty pair of shoes or even worse sneakers..

You should NEVER wear new balance sneakers, I really passionately hate new balance sneakers. Unless your going for a run, don’t wear sneakers at all.

I am going to share with you essentially my own personal supplier of shoes here in NYC. I have never seen another soul with this brand, pun definitely intended ;). They are online only, not widely known, and will make you look G as fuck.

I am talking about CLAE. The shoes that I have in the picture are pretty much all clae. I have purchased around 10 pairs. Some may say that obsessive but they are so sexy.

Clae shoes are not the cheapest shoes, but they are the best for the price that I have found. They will run you about 100 – 150 a pair depending on which ones.

This isn’t bad when you consider that shoes of this caliber from other brands, like Ralph Lauren or J Crew, will run you in the 300’s. If you are really on a budget just save up and buy 1 or 2 essential pair.

Definitely get a brown pair. This goes great with jeans and can make even rocking a white T look great. The other color is up to you.



Some guys may think this is dumb, but socks can pull together a look like nothing else. You won’t see them constantly, but when the time is right and your pant leg decided to creep up a little bit to reveal a cool, stylish, and colorful socks you can get a lot of points.

The most important part of that is colorful. Vibrant. I am a believer that your socks should match your shirt.

It really pulls everything together and is just a good look.

I’m more into how good my socks look when they are revealed because of me sitting down than any other part of my outfit some days.

If you have cool socks that match your shirt peeking out between some nice slim fit pants and a pair of Clae shoes, you are going to have girls letting you know.

Don’t be embarrassed either.

Some guys will be like oh cool socks fag. Fuck them, they are jealous and they have no style.

I have girls tell me all the time OMG i love your socks, you always have the best socks. Its the little things that matter. The little things that stick in their mind.



Accessories apply the finishing touches to your look. When you think of accessories you usually think chicks, but accessories can be very manly.

Obviously, there are the essential accessories like watches and cuff links (when you have to dress up in a tux). But I like to add a little bit more.

Bracelets and necklaces don’t have to look gay and can actually make you look bad ass. Although I say this you do have to do it right or else you could end up looking gay.

The picture above is once me in my black Movado watch. This watch is extremely stylish and I cannot even count the number of comments I get from girls on it.

Anyway a black watch to me should be an essential of yours. You should have a nice black watch, a silver watch and a brown leather strap watch.

GILT has some awesome sales on watches where you can get $500.00 watches for around $125.00. If you’re really rich you can get $15,000.00 Rolex’s on GILT for about $7,500.00. One day soon.

As far as bracelets go, below I have some good looks.

Either a brown leather or rope strap looks good when dressing casual in shorts and flip flops. You can easily go from looking like a beach bum to a sexy surfer.

If you can pull of a shell necklace too then go for it. For bracelets you can go GILT or even Amazon.

There are a lot of nice bracelets and necklaces off Amazon. The guy on the left is doing it right. If you have a preppy look, the accessories will really work for you. So find what works for your look. Bracelets and shit are not a necessity but definitely get your watch game up.

And remember, you don’t have to go crazy. Black, Silver, Leather.


In conclusion

So now that you have some good essential style ideas figure out what works for you.

Take a look at Swag Trooper, see some good looks and roll with it. Watch crazy stupid love, check out our Pinterest, and see what girls want to see a man in. Go to some shops and try stuff on. Just find out what works for you, your attitude, and your body type.

Just by changing your clothes you can really transform the way people look at you. That girl that sees you as a friend may start to look at you a little different. Your boss may start to respect you more and put you in line for that promotion. And more importantly, you will look at yourself differently.

So get out there and start to dress for the respect you want. And most importantly enjoy it.


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