grooming tips

#1: Pre Shave and Post Shave Matter the Most

Despite what big shave cream and razor brands may tell you, what you do pre and post shave has the biggest affect on your shave outcome.

Before and after shaving, take the time to cleanse, scrub and moisturize your skin.

Cleansing with a men’s face wash pre and post shave will help remove bacteria and impurities that can seep into your pores while shaving, causing irritation, red bumps, and acne.

Gently rubbing a men’s face scrub on your shave area pre-shave and a few days post-shave is your secret weapon to preventing in grown hairs. Pre-shave, a scrub softens the whiskers and lifts the hairs further above the skin, allowing for a better cut. Post-shave, a face scrub for men will uncoil hairs that are starting to grow back into the skin.

As you shave, each swipe of the razor across your face depletes the skin of moisture, causing major dryness and irritation. Applying a men’s facial lotion pre-and post-shave combats moisture loss. If you’re prone to red bumps, use a men’s after shave instead of face moisturizer as it will contain ingredients to help soothe the skin better.

#2: Cut Back on Shampooing

A surprise to most people, shampooing your hair daily can be incredibly damaging to it. Shampoo strips the hair and hair follicles of essential oils it needs to maintain strength, volume, and shine. Start to shampoo every other day, and you’ll see a noticeable improvement in your hair. One thing you can do every day, is use a men’s hair conditioner. Feeding your hair and scalp nutrients from the conditioner will help promote growth, volume, and shine.

When it comes to your hair, staying away from warm showers and vigorously rubbing it dry with a towel will help keep your hair where it belongs – on your head.

#3: Start a Basic, Daily Skin Care Routine

Every man should have a basic daily skin care routine that consists of cleansing, moisturizing, and prevention.

Cleansing your skin with a men’s face wash in the morning and before bed will help remove oil, bacteria, and impurities from your pores that can cause acne and dull your overall complexion.

If you want to go one step further to a brighter complexion, use a men’s face scrub one to three times a week to remove excess skin cell build up. If used pre-shave, a men’s face scrub can help create a closer shave by softening the whiskers and raising them higher above the skin.

Moisturizing your skin post wash helps firm the face, protect your pores from impurities, and also provides major anti aging benefits. You only need a dab and make sure to especially target the forehead and around the eyes, where men start to see signs of aging the most.

Prevention means using sunscreen with at least SPF 15 every time you’re going to be outside longer than 30 minutes. Abusing your skin under the sun is the quickest way to a worn out, wrinkly face. If you’re really concerned about aging, use a man’s anti-aging cream each night to help reduce wrinkles, tighten the skin, and have a firmer looking face.

Cleansing your skin with a men’s face wash in the morning and before bed will help remove oil, bacteria, and impurities from your pores that can cause adult acne and dull your overall complexion.

#4: Keep Your Body Hair in Check

Having hair all over your body is part of what makes you a man. The issue though, is when your body hair becomes excessive. Take the time to trim up the following areas to stay well groomed.

Chest: Nothing is manlier than chest hair and a good amount of it is usually is a turn on for your partner. Chest hair can become unwieldy sometimes, so take the time every few months to trim up any areas that are out of control.

Back: Back hair is and never will be in style. If you have the flexibility, shave your shoulders and back yourself. If you’ve got a lot of back hair, spend the money to get it professionally waxed every few months.

Hair: Get a haircut every four to six weeks to prevent having a disheveled look. Every week, in between haircuts, take the time to trim up your neckline, side burns and eye brows. This will allow your hair to grow without looking unkempt.

Pubic Hair: Every month, take the time to trim your pubic hair. Keeping things trim and tidy down there will go a long way to keeping your partner happy.

#5: Use a men’s eye cream

Look around at the guys you know and you’ll see a pattern. You’ll notice the majority of their wrinkles and skin issues focus around their eyes. Guys tend to start showing signs of aging around this area first and most dramatically.

Using a men’s eye cream at night and in the morning offers a host of benefits. When used at night, it will help tighten and smooth out wrinkles around the eyes. When used in the morning, it will reduce dark circles and puffiness – a savior if you’re a guy who likes to stay out late.



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