5 Hair Trends Men Need to Know for 2019


Much like the fashion industry, hair styles are constantly fluctuating in popularity. This has never been more evident than with the man bun, peaking in 2018 – it’s now one of the most ridiculed styles out there.

But what about 2019? You don’t want to be seen sporting tired old tresses now do you? The new year is a great time to change up your usual style and this guide should give you a helping hand in making a decision without fear of falling onto the hideous side of hairdos.

Here are 5 trending men’s hair styles to help you choose something that suits you best. Just take your phone down to a reputable hairdresser and show them a photo of what you want! They will be able to copy the photo and advise you on what would work best.

Let’s get started…

Men trending hair styles 2019

IN: Quiff

men trending hair styles 2017 men trending hair styles 2017   Kicking off with a hairstyle that’s proved itself as a classic, transcending style rules and grooming guidelines – the iconic quiff. Having been popular for several years now, the quiff is incredibly easy to pull off and can be achieved regardless of your hair-type, be it long, short, curly or straight.

With so many variations, it’s an easy one to work alongside any man’s personal style. However, while it’s not incredibly difficult to achieve – it does requires some effort each morning. The key is taking time to style it each day and getting a regular trim to keep it shorter on the sides and longer on top.

A good hair clay is essential to keeping this style looking voluminous and textured, particularly if you’re going for a matte finish (check out the Uppercut Deluxe Matt Clay Black). Using a blow-dryer and salt spray will help add volume and dimension to your quiff, giving you the desired lift and preventing things from looking a little too polished.

IN: Middle Parting

men trending hair styles 2017

5 Hair Trends Men Need to Know for 2019 1
men trending hair styles 2019

All things nineties, from fashion and grooming to music are coming back with a bang this year. With iconic fashion brands like Fila, Lacoste and Ellesse returning to form, hair is no different. The much loved, often hated middle parting is rising in popularity and is set to be one of the most popular styles of the season (think old school Johnny Depp and Heath Ledger).

As with most styles, maintenance is key. Ensure you keep it well maintained to steer you well clear of the shaggy Kurt Cobain look. Use a comb to keep the parting well defined, and blow dry your hair for extra volume. Using a bit of product such as a hair pomade will go a long way, running a pea-sized amount (we particularly like the Baxter of California Hair Pomade Hard Cream) through your hair will give it a sleeker, more defined look.

If you really want to go for that Johnny Depp messy waves finish, simply add some salt/texturising spray whilst your hair is damp to create a messy texture, then let air dry (avoid towel-drying as it damages hair). If your hair can be a bit lifeless at times, use a blow dryer in an upwards motion on your roots to create a little more volume.

IN: Side Parting   men trending hair styles 2017

men trending hair styles 2017

Smart, timeless and low maintenance – a perfect classic cut that’s never gone out of style.

The side parting is an effortless do’ that’s a great option if you don’t have hours each morning to spend styling your locks. While well suited to working in a smart environment, this doesn’t mean it’s always got to be boring.

Incredibly easy to maintain, this cut will save you money at the Barbers, as well as a few minutes in the mornings. Get yourself a decent comb like the Uppercut Deluxe Pocket Comb and use it to define your parting, ensuring that your hair is well kempt and frizz-free. From there, the style can be personalised entirely depending on whether you want a smart, polished look or something more voluminous with a contemporary finishFor other short haircut styles for men, read it here.

You can vary how hard you want your parting to be, opting for a harder part will give a sharper, more defined look (for a really hard parting it’s best to have it done by a professional using a blade). However a softer parting can be done with just a comb and creates a more effortless, laid-back appearance.

IN: Silver/Grey Hair

men trending hair styles 2017

men trending hair styles 2017 Over the past few years silver hair has been gaining a lot of popularity. With the likes of Zayn and Lucky Blue Smith catching onto the trend last year, you can be sure that this style will peak in 2019.

Dyed silver or grey hair can be difficult to pull off, but as long as you make sure you’re maintaining with all the right steps (bleach, purple toner, dye) and popping in for regular visits to a professional, the finished look will be something that will surely turn heads for all the right reasons.

The last thing you want with grey hair is for it to look lifeless, so make sure you spend some time styling it each morning, as well as regularly using deep conditioners and hair serums.

As bleached hair tends to look a little thin, you can blow-dry to add some volume and texture, which in turn, will make your hair look a little healthier. A product like clay will keep your hair looking thick and full also, while giving a matte finish – as oil based products and bleached hair don’t pair well.

This look is definitely not for those with little time on their hands as grey hair requires a fair amount of upkeep (frequent root touch ups will be needed, as well as the standard re-dyeing when the colour begins to fade). But if you decide to go for it and have the time to keep your silver hair well maintained, you’ll never want to turn back to the world of boring hair again.

IN: Longer Hair   men trending hair styles 2017

men trending hair styles 2017

Thanks to the Jon Snow’s, Hemsworths and a zeitgeist predilection for androgyny – longer hairstyles will continue to be popular through 2019. While they can be difficult to endure through the growing out phase, it’ll be worth it in the end – trust us!

Bear in mind, longer hair requires more products and time to keep it from looking disheveled and regular trims will be necessary to counter those split ends – but you only get out what you put in! Alongside a little TLC, it’s worth investing in a quality conditioner (one of my personal favourites is MALIN & GOETZ Cilantro Hair Conditioner) to keep your locks nourished and shiny.

If you do any kind of exercise regularly, make sure to invest in proper, quality hair-bands/hair-elastics to tie your hair up as opposed to elastic bands, as these can wreak havoc with your hair. So when you go to tie your hair up make sure you’re using the right tools, including a high quality (natural if you can afford one) hairbrush.

In Conclusion

While hair trends aren’t taken with half the authority that their apparel counterparts are, hopefully, this should give you a better idea of what direction to take your lustrous locks in if you’re looking for a new style this year.

As always, making sure you use quality products and tools will help you achieve and maintain your desired look and will keep your locks from looking greasy or lifeless. Remember you can always dye your hair back or re-grow it if you’re not head over heels for your new look, so why not go for something different from what you’re used to!

Get ahead of the curve by opting for one of these looks, and if you’re feeling particularly daring why not change up your hair colour with some dye (temporary is always an option if you’re not entirely sure on a colour). That being said, it’s always good idea to go to your barber and ask whether they think your choice will suit your face shape before taking the leap. Happy styling!

Alex Outlaw

Alex Outlaw

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