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Have you jumped on the Fitness and Nutrition app bandwagon yet? If not, then you ought to. Fitness apps are designed to give you a technological advantage – and help you reach your exercise and nutrition goals more easily and efficiently by helping you plan, execute and track your progress.

But which app is best for you? With so many available these days – and more coming out every day it seems –  it’s sometimes difficult to know which ones to choose. Here at OnlyMensHealth we’ve uncovered the 10 latest – and best – apps for nutrition, running and fitness on the market, to help you reach your health and fitness goals this year.

Fitness apps



A smart, flexible fitness app that allows you to choose the style of exercise you want (Strength, Cardio, Yoga or Stretching) and the time you want to do it in, Sworkit is perfect for those who are short on time. A selection of intensity workouts are included, as well as the option to create custom workouts.

High quality videos with easy to follow workouts and a countdown help you along the way, but the best thing about this app (other than it’s free of course!) is that you don’t need a gym as it’s all based around bodyweight exercises.



One of the most popular websites for health and fitness over the past couple of years, it was only a matter of time before the Fitocracy launched the fitness app to complement the site. Tailored workouts are offered to suit fitness levels and ability in the free version of the app, and, for an extra cost, the option of personal trainer is available.

The idea behind it is like a game: You compete against others in the community by moving up levels and earning points when you complete your set fitness goals.

Gym Hero


A great app for weight lifting and strength training, Gym Hero is a no frills app that provides you with numerous workout ides to help you progress steadily to pump iron in a steady but progressive way.

It’s all about simplicity and ease of use, and saves you time by streamlining the workouts in a simple to use interface. You can track your progress accurately with its use of calendars and reports.

Pump Up


For those of you who like to keep everything social, then Pump Up will be just up your street. The social app for fitness devotees, the Pump Up platform allows you to update your progress (or non-progress) reports on-line for others to see and comment on, as well as posts and photos to share with the community and keep others motivated.

Running apps

Zombies, Run! 3


It may be in its 3rd version – but the zombies are still lurking around, alive, (well sort of) well and still trying to chase you down. This hugely popular running app uses the premise of you trying to run away from zombies in set routes by changing tactics and running speeds to reach a safe, human outpost. You get rewarded with tools and supplies for every step you run or walk that helps save the human race from the doom of a zombie attack.

If ever you needed motivation get off your butt and run, there are few apps out there that make it as fun as this.

Charity Miles


Saving the world from an imminent zombie attack is one way of keeping you motivated to exercise – another is to exercise in order to help others. The Charity Miles running app gives you this opportunity by offering you the chance to run, cycle or walk to earn money for loads of different worthy causes.

The more miles you run, the more money you can make for them, and fitter you’ll be.



You hardly see a runner these days without headphones on, and it’s no surprise – music is a great motivator on those long, hard slogs. Especially if you have an app like RockMyRun where you have access to thousands of playlists created from top DJ’s. You’re spoilt for choice with seamless, high energy sounds being offered as standard in the free version, and a cost upgrade for the uninterrupted, ad-free version.

Nutrition apps



One of the most popular diet control guides and calorie counters around is MyFitnessPal. Currently sporting over 5,000,000 foods and ingredients in its database – and counting – you won’t come across many foods that you won’t be able to track. This user friendly app allows you to easily look up the foods you want to eat by using a barcode scanner or custom recipe calculator. You can sync your progress to along with being able to track exercises and set goals.



Don’t fancy going it alone? Then perhaps the Pact app is for you.  You use this free app by joining the community and charging an account, then use it’s unique idea of backing yourself to exercise – or pay out if you don’t. So basically this ‘exercise-to-earn’ concept earns you money when you hit your set targets – and if you don’t, the money goes to someone else who has.



A popular, handy app that rivals MyFitnessPal for the sheer number and diversity of foods and ingredients it supports. You can scan food product barcodes and receive health and nutrition information on their healthiness via the easy to understand letter grading system.

More than just offering you calorie counts on foods for weight loss purposes, it provides more complete nutritional information to promote overall healthy eating.

So, there you have it, the 10 best fitness and nutrition apps for 2016 – so far. Of course, as useful and fun these apps are at helping you reach your fitness and weight loss goals, there is no substitute for leading an overall healthy lifestyle. Our 25 Easy Lifestyle Choices guide shows you how!

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  1. Great list. Some of these apps might help treadmill running feel more tolerable if it isn’t your favorite thing to do.

    Many latest treadmills have hi-tech features such as USB ports, Wi-Fi internet connectivity, docks for iPods, mp3 music player compatibility, tablet holders, televisions, etc. It’s a great idea to choose a model with such features that can motivate you to exercise and you won’t realize how time flies while exercising.

    Is it possible to update this list for 2017?


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