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The world of men’s fashion can sometimes feel like a minefield, with so many different dress codes and styles that are appropriate for different occasions. After all, you’ll never hear the end of it if you turn up for drinks with your mates wearing a completely different style of outfit to everyone else. It might feel like there are rules and restrictions everywhere you go, whether it’s a formal affair or something much more casual. And that’s not including dressing right for the seasons.

So, to make sure you get your style right this year, we’ve included some of the most common faux pas to avoid when it comes to men’s fashion.


Ill-fitting suits

Whether it’s the shirt, the jacket or the trousers, if your suit doesn’t fit you properly, it will be incredibly noticeable. Your trousers should never pile over your shoes, so make sure any trousers you wear are the correct length. Baggy fabric that gathers around your shoes is an immediate giveaway.

Likewise, your jacket should fit you just right on the shoulders. If the shoulders of your jacket droop down your arm, your suit won’t have the desired impact you were hoping for.

Make sure you button it up right too; if your suit has 2 buttons, only do up the top one. If it has 3 buttons, do up the top 2. The idea is to leave the bottom button undone at all times.

If you’re wearing a dress shirt, or one that has a longer length, it must be tucked in. If you’re hoping to go for a more casual look, choose a shirt that has a shorter length to it.


Bad accessorizing

It’s important to make sure that any accessories you wear match your outfit and don’t look too haphazard. For example, your belt colour and even tie colour can make a huge difference. You should make sure your shoes and belt are of the same colour, while your tie should complement the colour of your suit.

Limit your outfit to 3 colours or shades; this can make sure you don’t look too multicoloured. For example, wearing a printed t-shirt with black or blue jeans can create a classic, stylish look without going overboard.


Ill-fitting jeans

There is possibly nothing worse than a pair of badly fitted jeans. Whether it’s the length, the waist or how tight they are, get your jeans right and they can completely transform the way you look.

A pair of slim fit jeans can enhance your appearance, while a baggy pair or ones that are too long will create an unkempt look.


Bad grooming habits

You could have the most stylish outfit, but if you’ve not kept your hair or beard tidy, it’s a waste of time. Pay attention to your facial hair, haircut and even your nails; they are probably the first things other people will notice when they meet you!


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