5 Reasons Men Should Start Using Sex Toys

Let’s be honest, guys love sex, and guys love to masturbate. 
If you ask though most guys probably haven’t used sex toys before. 
What they don’t realize is how much they’re missing out on. 
Modern sex toys have a lot to offer to men and women, whether you’re playing solo or with a partner. 
To help correct this oversight we came up with 5 reasons men should start using sex toys. 

  1. They Feel Really Good 

Back in the bad old days there weren’t a lot of great sex toy options. For women there were a few dildo and vibrator manufacturers but most felt cheap or poorly made. 
Men had it even worse. 
The most you could hope for was a metal cock ring and maybe a plug or two. Those days are long gone thankfully. 
To start with male masturbators like Fleshlights are honestly getting really good at making toys feel real. They definitely haven’t reach true realism yet, but it feels a whole lot better than just using your hand and some lotion. 
You can choose from masturbators, prostate massagers, automatic blowjob machines, cock rings, and even really intense things like lifelike sex dolls. Check out this site for a breakdown of the various types of male sex toys and how they’re enjoyed. 
For a really inexpensive price you can seriously enhance your solo play sessions. After all, everyone loves trying out something new. 

  1. Novelty is Sexy 

There’s no doubt about it, trying new things alone or with your partner is hot. Doing the same old things, in the same old places gets stale fast. 
Introducing sex toys to your love life is a great way to add some spice to the bedroom. If you’re nervous you can start by talking with your partner and seeing what toys they already have. 
There are truly thousands of female focused sex toys out there. Just playing with them and the toys they already love can be incredibly sexy. When you’re ready you can try out some awesome male sex toys. 
Adding even more props like bindings, blindfolds, whips, or other fun things can take it to the next level. Playing around with something like handcuffs is a great way to try out kinkier play. 
Even if you’re just masturbating you can benefit from adding in props or toys. There’s nothing wrong with a little solo fantasy fulfillment with whatever toys you like. 

  1. They Enhance Play with Your Partner 

One of the biggest fears a lot of guys have is failure to perform. There’s nothing worse than getting all hot and bothered then finding yourself unable to do the deed. 
Integrating sex toys into your regular play with your partner is a great way to reduce this stress. It’s not all about the actual act of penetrative sex. 
You can play with each other using vibrators, you can enjoy exploring and teasing and maybe even tickling a little. Sex toys open up all new realms of possible play and make it easier to have a satisfying night of lovemaking even if you never actually have penetrative sex. 
If ED is a concern there are even sex toys that can help. Penis pumps are a great way to get a much harder and stronger erection. When combined with a cock ring you can extend play time without a lot of additional stress. 
Even better, you can explore totally new ways to play. We’re almost 20 years into the new millenium and hangups are dropping like crazy. Trying out something like a prostate massager is an excellent way to enhance your vanilla sex. 

  1. They’re More Advanced Than Ever 

We mentioned that the availability of sex toys has exploded over the last few decades. What a lot of people don’t realize though is just how incredibly advanced they’re getting. 
There are now companies out there making everything from bluetooth controlled vibrating penis rings to robotic talking sex dolls. 
Softer, Safer, and More Enjoyable 
A lot of the materials older sex toys were made of weren’t that great for you. It turns out some of them were actually toxic. 
Nowadays sex toys are made to near medical specifications. They use high-end materials and produce them with the latest manufacturing techniques. Some common sex toy materials include: 

  • Silicone 
  • Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) 
  • Stainless Steel 
  • Glass 

Not only are these materials healthier for your body, they’re more durable and much more comfortable. If you buy a quality sex toy these days you can expect to get years of use out of it with basic care. 
More Lifelike Sensations 
Better materials aren’t the only improvement in sex toys. New manufacturing techniques and improved designs are giving them a more lifelike feel than ever before. 
Penetrative toys are smoother, more ergonomically designed, and work better than their older cousins. Many contain vibrators or other enhancements designed to stimulate multiple areas of the body. 
Some of the earliest male sex toys were little more than lubricated sponges. The latest male masturbators are actually hands free. All you have to do is program the intensity and pattern you want and they’ll do the rest. 
You can sit back and let the toy do all the work while you watch porn or focus on your fantasy. Believe us, when you aren’t the one doing the pumping, as it were, your fantasies can really go into overdrive. 
Internet of Things (IoT) Capability 
The greatest advances in male sex toys is less with what they do and more how they do it. By building bluetooth connectivity features into toys it’s now possible to program your sex toys. 
You can run through preset patterns or customize them yourself. If you really want to get crazy you can even sync your toy with libraries of pornography. 
Some of the most exciting new stuff combines IoT sex toys with virtual reality. VR porn and an automatic sex toy create an incredibly realistic fantasy to enjoy. 

  1. You Can Play From Anywhere in the World 

One of the coolest advances in sex toy technology has been the introduction of IoT capability. With bluetooth and a smartphone you can now control all kinds of fun features on advanced sex toys. 
Probably the most interesting is the ability to give control of your toy to a partner no matter how far away they are. 
Solo Play 
We talked about pairing your toy with porn, but did you know you can also play with a camgirl? 
Certain blowjob machines, cock rings, and male vibrators can be remotely controlled. They’re optimized by their manufacturer to let you sync them to your favorite cam girl’s paired toy. 
Suddenly that fun session with them is a lot more intimate and involved. You can feel things right along with them or even let them control your orgasm. 
Long Distance Play 
For people in long distance relationships modern sex toys are a godsend. We all know that the days of scratchy phone sex are past, but you might not have known quite how crazy things are getting. 
You can now pick up paired sex toys that will play together. You and your partner can video chat while controlling each other’s toys. 
They start simple with an app or remote control. Once you dive in deep you get some really intense capabilities. 
Companies like Kiiroo, Fleshlight, and Lovense offer the ability to pair your toys together. As you thrust into your’s your partners toy reacts in response. 
As they enjoy the intense vibrations of theirs they can adjust the speed and intensity of your own play. It takes long distance intimacy to a whole other level. 
Try Something New 
At this point there’s no reason any guy should hesitate to try out a male sex toy. 
They feel great, they’re fun by themselves or to play with a partner, and they’ve never been better made. 
When you add in all the really exciting new features like bluetooth pairing and long distance play it becomes clear men should really embrace sex toys. 

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