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The six-pack has been a symbol of health, vitality, and sexiness since the ancient Greeks carved out statues of gods like Zeus. Most men aspire to attain this look but sometimes fall short. This issue may arise because they are misinformed about how to obtain the look. Some believe that nothing but exercise can make this happen, but a liposuction procedure can work some magic, too.

A Manly Embrace of Cosmetic Work

Body sculpting or aesthetic surgery has been around for some time. It has been popular amongst women but men are now using it, too. Most of the time, it has been used to get rid of stomach fat. Not many people are aware that it can be used to create that perfectly chiseled six-pack that alludes some men no matter how much they try.


It is not hard to understand this gradual acceptance. Famous actors, both men and women, are owning up to the work they’ve had done and are unapologetic about it. The standard of beauty has been getting higher and higher for both sexes, and this is one way to reach those standards.

Fitness is Important but not Everything

Many on TV, especially fitness leaders, love to tell men all they need is special equipment or some special fitness routine to get those great abs, but things are not that simple. Sometimes, genetics makes it hard for a man’s body to produce the definition needed to truly have washboard abs. It should also be noted that some exercise routines focus too much on the mid-section when the entire area needs to be toned to get those abs to appear.


It should be noted that some men simply do not have enough time to work on a six-pack. Maintaining a six-pack is a lot easier than starting from a scratch. Many men have to worry about family life, social life, work, and many other activities. There was a time when most men performed manual labor that helped them stay in shape, but most jobs today are sedentary.

Liposuction is Getting Men Over the Last Hump

Most men who are serious about their abs can achieve enough abdominal strength, which helps take care of visceral fat. This type of fat hugs the muscles and cannot be removed using lipo. The problem is the overlying fat, sometimes referred to as subcutaneous fat, which is very hard to remove even through dieting or exercising.


The procedure that attacks subcutaneous fat is tumescent liposuction or traditional lipo. The procedure uses general or local anesthesia to help the man get through it with no hurdles. The cosmetic specialist uses tumescent fluid to help break apart stubborn fat cells, which can then be removed from the body. The cosmetic surgeon must target the areas where fat is to be removed. Some cosmetic specialists point out that men’s fat cells are denser than women’s fat cells. This makes the procedure harder and it also makes it vital to hire an experienced surgeon to ensure the lipo is as successful as it should.


Once the fibrous fat cells are taken care of, the art starts to take place using state-of-the-art liposculpture techniques that marry the surgeon’s artistic side to his or her medical expertise. The surgeon is going to use a small cannula to help enhance the overall look of a man’s muscles in the mid-section. The key here is to leave those sexy fat pads that most men want to have.

Now, it is important to note that the procedure does not guarantee the final look. This is because the body can still gain weight if the man does not continue with his exercise routine. Of course, cutting out processed sugar and unhealthy fats is vital to help keep those abs intact. Still, it should be easier to maintain this look after the procedure.


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