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Living your best life starts with looking and feeling your best. And although we are all beautiful in our own unique way, sometimes the way we look and the way we want to look Maxwell Aesthetics understands this, and they want every patient to feel as beautiful and empowered as they can. To that end, they offer a full roster of cosmetic procedures for the whole body, from the face to the legs and everything in between – all performed in a welcoming, professional, environment.

The success of the clinic is in large part the result of the collective efforts of the team to provide a variety of cosmetic surgical procedures to their patients with the highest level of professionalism, skill, and expertise. Heading up the Maxwell Aesthetics team is Dr. Gwen Maxwell, the first female plastic surgeon in Tucson. Dr. Maxwell has been helping people look and feel their best for more than 20 years as a leader in the cosmetic surgery industry. More than just her skills, it’s her dedication to forging relationships with her customers and making them feel comfortable that sets her apart from others in her field.

In her treatment plan for each patient, Dr. Maxwell aims to find solutions that will not only have an impact on the patient’s physical appearance but also on the life-changing emotional effects that making those changes can have. Cosmetic surgery is about so much more than outward appearance, and Dr, Maxwell views her work as a fusion of surgical precision and artistic craft, resulting in beautiful, realistic results that will give her patients the confidence they desire. She takes every procedure – and every patient – seriously. Plastic surgery is elective, and the results are visible (unlike other types of surgery, whose effects can largely be invisible to the outside world) and because of that, Dr. Maxwell leaves herself no margin of error. Precision and care are the hallmarks of every procedure she performs.

Because Dr. Maxwell knows that it’s important to surround herself with a great team, she hires only the very best team members to work alongside her. Her team is comprised of talented and dedicated RNs, Nurse Injectors, Aestheticians, as well as a first-rate administrative, marketing, and executive team, all of whom share the same vision of offering the very best in a medical spa treatment and cosmetic surgery procedures.


What services are offered by Maxwell Aesthetics?

Because they are both a med spa and a cosmetic surgery clinic, they offer a comprehensive lineup of services that range from less invasive, topical procedures to surgical procedures such as breast augmentation and tummy tucks.

On the med spa side of the practice, they offer a variety of treatments for every patient, including:

Facial treatments, such as Botox, skin peels, treatment for scars and pigmentation anomalies, and other treatments designed to improve the skin of the face in terms of texture, tone, firmness, etc.

Body treatments, such as laser treatment of age spots, laser vein therapy for the face and legs, treatment for the repair of sun damage, and others

Laser hair reduction for the reduction of unwanted hair. With the use of Candela GentleYag and Gentlelase lasers, unwanted hair can be removed, and future growth discouraged.

Each of these treatments are designed to fight back against the signs of aging, damage from the sun, and/or to make each patient feel pampered, revitalized, and beautiful.

Maxwell Aesthetics also offers a full selection of cosmetic surgery procedures designed to target various areas of the body. These procedures are performed by Dr. Maxwell herself, so each patient is assured of the same high level of skill, expertise, and standard of care with each visit and each procedure.


Arm Reduction (Brachiplasty)

Not everyone is blessed with arms like Angela Bassett. Particularly after a significant weight loss or as we reach certain milestone birthdays, the skin on the upper arms can begin to loosen and sag, making some people self-conscious. If you’re unhappy with your arms and are longing to wear those sleeveless tops and dresses this summer, Maxwell Aesthetics’ arm reduction procedure may be the answer. During the procedure, excess skin is removed through a small scar on the inner arm. If the skin is still elastic but residual fat is present, this can be removed through liposuction. The result is arms that are firmer, more sculpted, and definitely tank-top worthy!


Body Lift or Thigh Lift

Pregnancy, weight loss, or the process of aging can cause leave behind unsightly folds of skin and fat that can be difficult to shed. Through the Body Lift and Thigh Lift, Dr. Maxwell will remove that excess skin and fat deposits from the buttocks, abdomen, and thighs. Through strategically placed incisions, your body will be contoured, smoother, and more youthful looking. Many patients drop a dress size after the procedure. Who wouldn’t feel great after that?


Brazilian Buttock Lift

The buttocks are one of those areas that many women are less than happy with. Through a Brazilian Buttock Lift, the fullness and roundness of the buttocks are improved dramatically. Through liposuction, fat is harvested from the donor site on the patient’s body and injected into the buttocks to offer a more desirable shape, fullness, and smoothness.



Although it’s not something that is typically discussed, many women are unhappy with the size of their labia, both from a cosmetic standpoint and in terms of the discomfort they feel during intercourse. Maxwell Aesthetics offers patients a solution with their labiaplasty procedure, performed under local anaesthetic in the exam room.



Every body has problem areas, those things we’d like to change, whether it’s excess belly fat, sagging skin on the arms, or fat deposits in the hips and buttocks. Liposuction can help with all these things. At Maxwell Aesthetics, not only will you receive the results you desire through the liposuction procedure itself (which removes fat deposits from areas in which they are undesirable) but you’ll also receive a consultation on how to ensure the results last as long as possible. A healthy lifestyle will help to keep the results of liposuction lasting longer.



Did you know that the excess skin that hangs on your lower abdomen (common after childbirth or significant weight loss) is known as the panniculus? This excess sagging skin is not only unsightly for some women, it can also result in other conditions such as irritation and breakdown of the skin that can lead to medical issues that need to be addressed. Through panniculectomy, the excess skin is removed, offering a flatter, trimmer appearance. In some cases, liposuction is also used to further enhance the taut, trim appearance without the hanging “apron” of skin.


Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy and childbirth are miraculous, but they do take their toll on a woman’s body! Even after resuming regular exercise and a healthy diet once baby is born, many women are unhappy with the changes that have occurred in their bodies because of pregnancy. Breasts can be less firm, abdominal tissue can sag, and excess skin can result in a body image that leaves us feeling less than our beautiful best. With the Mommy Makeover, each of these issues is addressed, through the sculpting of the abdomen and breasts, the removal of excess skin, and the repair of muscles that were damaged during pregnancy. Breast enlargement or enhancement is also offered.


Tummy Tuck

One of the most common issues experienced by women is a saggy tummy. This is a common trouble area for many women, and one that can be very challenging to change through diet and exercise alone. In some cases, liposuction is enough to surgically achieve a desirable effect. For some women, however, more intervention is required. In these cases, a tummy tuck can be the answer. Known clinically as abdominoplasty, this procedure involves the removal of the redundant skin and the repair of the deep muscles of the abdomen. The result is a flat, smooth abdomen and the ability to fit into smaller clothes!


Breast Procedures

Whether it’s due to pregnancy, weight gain or loss, breast feeding, or puberty, many of us find that we are unhappy with our breasts. Dr. Maxwell offers a variety of procedures to change the size, shape, and position of the breast to give you the bustline you desire.


Brow Lift

Often without us even being aware, our eyebrows play an instrumental role in the overall look of our face. When our brown is heavy and/or sagging. Or when we have deep frown lines in our forehead, it can lend a sour, “grouchy” look to the face. A brow lift can help. Excess skin is removed and the underlying muscles and tissues are repositioned, giving a revitalized, more refreshed look to the face.


Ear surgery (Otoplasty)

Also known as ear pinning, cosmetic surgery of the ear can be performed to change the shape, position, or size of the ear. This procedure is often opted for by those who are concerned about protruding ears. Surgery can “flatten” the ears so they lie closer to the head and are less protruding. Ear surgery can also be used to fix anomalies with the ear lobe and other things.


Eyelid Surgery

As we age, one of the first places to show the passage of time is the eye area. Crow’s feet, sagging and creasing skin, and drooping of the eyelids can make us look older and more tired. With a simple eyelid procedure, Dr. Maxwell can help patients to regain a more lifted, rested, and youthful appearance. You can’t turn back time, but you don’t have to show every tick of the hands on your face!



When many people think of plastic surgery, the first thing that comes to mind is a facelift. Our faces are the first impression we present to the world, and if what you see the mirror doesn’t reflect how you feel on the inside, a facelift can help. With results lasting for as long as 15 years, a facelift typically focuses on reversing the visible signs of aging in the lower portion of the face, including the cheeks, jawline, and neck. Scarring is minimal and typically hidden within the hairline. Dr. Maxwell’s facelift technique


Fat Injections

Age shows on our faces in two ways: laxity (sagging) of the skin and loss of volume. In the case of loss of volume, this can result in a drawn appearance, which can make us look older. Fat injections or facial fillers can re-plump the skin and achieve a more youthful appearance by essentially “filling up” the spaces in the facial appearance that can lead to that telltale drawn appearance. The result is a fresher, more fresh-faced look.


Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Commonly referred to as a “nose job,” rhinoplasty is a common cosmetic surgery procedure that is designed to reshape the nose in one or more of several ways. This is achieved by manipulation and reshaping of the cartilage and bone of the nose, a process that allows Dr. Maxwell the opportunity to reshape the nose, reducing its overall size, minimizing the size of the tip, or to make the size of the nose more aesthetically in line with the proportions of the rest of the face. In addition to cosmetic alteration, rhinoplasty can also be used to assist with snoring, problems with breathing, and other conditions that can result from misalignment of the septum or other structural issues within the nose. In both applications, rhinoplasty can be an effective option for a variety of patients.

These are just some of the procedures available at Maxwell Aesthetics. Each cosmetic surgery procedure is performed in a Surgery Center adjacent to the Maxwell Aesthetics complex. It is here that Dr. Maxwell performs each procedure in the state-of-the-art surgical suites that are fully accredited under the same regulations as major American hospitals, assuring the very best in cleanliness and care. Each procedure is undertaken within the strictest of standards regarding patient consideration and safety, cleanliness, sterile conditions, and by a team of experts with the best qualifications.

Beauty may be skin deep, but when what we see on the outside doesn’t accurately reflect what we feel on the inside, it can affect our self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, and even our job performance. Feeling good about oneself is the ultimate fortunately, there are things that can be done to help make our outward appearance better match up with how we would like to look. Dr. Maxwell and her team are committed to helping each patient who walks through their doors to have the kind of comfortable, positive experience that will leave them recommending Maxwell Aesthetics to their friends. From initial consultation through each procedure and post-surgical care, the team is with each patient every step of the way.

Interested in finding out more? Contact Maxwell Aesthetics to schedule a consultation today by calling (520) 751-1225.

Maxwell Aesthetics is located at 2490 E. River Road in Tucson, Arizona.


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