How to Master Your Personal Style to Become a Suave Social Badass

Have you ever wondered how well-groomed men always manage to scrub up so well?
Are you eager to learn how to develop your own personal style that is tailored to suit you that will immediately garner respect from all the other men, and make the ladies swoon? Well this article will cover all the tips and tricks you will need to know in order to master your personal style and become that well-groomed man you’ve always wanted to be.
Here you will learn about some staple brands that will help turn your dreams into reality, accessories that will solidify your status as a connoisseur of fashion and gain all the grooming inspiration you will need to help you be the man you want to be.

Part I: Grooming


Your hairstyle is arguably the first thing somebody will notice about you, it can demonstrate that you’re a man who prides himself on appearance and really cares about his personal style.  The first step you will need to take on the road to becoming a well-groomed man is finding a great barbershop.
Once you’ve sourced the ideal place you need to select a style that suits the image you want to achieve.  There are a number of timeless hairstyles to choose from which will never go out of fashion and can perfectly accommodate that worldly gentleman image you strive for.
A suave and sophisticated man will have hair that always looks on point whatever the occasion, so be sure to take regular trips to your barbershop to maintain your style.
It is vitally important that you look after your new hairstyle on a daily basis so establishing which hair products you should be using to maintain your mane is also essential.

Facial Hair:

Beards have become an integral part of the male fashionista’s overall look and it might be something to consider if you don’t already cultivate one. They are pretty straight forward to maintain and there are loads of different ways to style your beard.
If you’ve managed to find yourself a really great barbershop, then the chances are they will offer all kinds of beard trims and treatments.
There are loads of different beard styles to choose from and lots of tips and tricks for keeping that beard looking distinguished and admirable.  Be sure to use beard oil to keep your facial hair soft and smelling good, you can also use beard wax to ensure your beard and moustache stay in check throughout the day. Balzano

Part II: Personal Style

Now you’ve got grooming covered, you’re ready to start developing your own personalized style that suits your personality and is guaranteed to turn heads every time you step outside your door.

The Basics

The first tip for developing your own style is to learn the basics and stick to them.  Staple pieces are vitally important in any man’s wardrobe and these items will form the foundations for most of your outfits. Brands such as Maison Margiela and Kelvin Klein have all adopted the notion of a minimalist aesthetic and they make it work with great impact.
Plain t-shirts and knitwear are always solid additions to your collection and another great item to consider is a quality knee-length camel coat. One of the greatest advantages with minimalistic fashion is that it’s very difficult to go wrong, it’s versatile and you can adapt to suit formal and informal occasions.
With this in mind, it really does make all the difference spending extra and opting for quality designer garments as they are sure to stand the test of time, offer a much better fit and utilize far superior materials. Not the mention they are guaranteed to set you apart from the ordinary and demonstrate an understanding and appreciation for men’s fashion.
Some brands definitely worth mentioning include Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and Thom Browne. All these designers will really help set you apart from the crowd and offer a fantastic variation between minimalism and more avant-garde designs.


Men’s accessories have become extremely popular in recent years and are the perfect way to put the finishing touches to your new style. Again, subtlety is the key with jewelry and a few minimalistic or classic items will do the job perfectly.
Jewelry is a great way to personalize your look and investing in a few bespoke pieces will really compliment your new image.  Signet rings are very stylish and they have been the gentleman’s choice for many years, they are versatile and can be paired perfectly with a bangle or necklace made of the same material.
If you wear a lot of jewelry, it’s really important to establish a diverse selection of accessories because you don’t want to lose the element of exclusivity and it’s always great to have plenty of options. Starting a sunglasses or watch collection is something you can spend many years developing and with so many different styles and brands the possibilities are truly endless.
Once your collection is underway you may find yourself running out of places to store all your time-pieces, alternatively you may just want a suitable way to display your collection; whatever the reason, these watch boxes are the solution. These are the pinnacle in style and sophistication and will really provide your watch collection with a home they deserve whilst ensuring you’re looking as suave as James Bond.
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In Conclusion

If you choose to follow this guide you will quickly find yourself developing your own personal style and identity that works for you and provides inspiration to others. Before you know it you will find that you have established yourself as that well-groomed man that once made you ask in envy “how do they do it?

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