How to Master Your Reality by Mastering Your Mind with Dr Demartini

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The MenProvement Podcast: Episode 112
Today I interveiw: Dr Demartini. Anyone that we’ve ever heard of who has worked with him has said that they have found his advice ‘life changing’. He has worked with many succesful business owners around the world helping them to figure out their values, find their mission and increase their financial wealth.
Demartini has reportedly read around 30,000 books in his life time as well as writing many of his own breakthrough books and featuring the famous self development movie, The Secret.
– What is means to serve people with your highest priority aims
– Why it is actually easy to stay focused and disciplined, if you have this one priority
– The importance of saying No
– How to own the traits of the greats that you put on a ‘pedestal’
It was exciting to have Demartini on the podcast, knowing how much of an influence that he has been to so many people.
As some next steps for you to consider; you will be aware now, after listening, that he is a big advocate of knowing what it is that you truly value. I understand that uncovering and articulting your core values can be a daunting, and bewildering task. But I hope that you can take comfort in the fact that, that in my experience (and the experience of many people I have known), finding your your highest values—the emotions and ideals that are the deepest drivers of all of your behaviour— is not an over night task. It is something that will gradually start to become more apparent to you with time and awareness.
Check out authors such as David Allen, Anthony Robbins and Dr Demartini for more directions on finding your values… And from there, keep learning, trying new things and following your best judgement from moment to moment.

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Artur Kot

Artur Kot

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