How to Get Better With Women in 1hr Or Less (Even If You Have No “Game”)

How to Get Better With Women in 1hr Or Less (Even If You Have No “Game”)

How to Get Better With Women in 1hr Or Less (Even If You Have No “Game”)

mark sing
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Don’t you hate it when you make the new year’s resolutions only to find out that in February or March you find out that you are not getting any closer to materializing your goals?
NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) is a field of psychology that attempts to address the problems we as human beings have, which can be boiled down to the following statement:
We want to become something greater than we presently are, but the discomfort associated with embarking on that journey proves to be too much to handle – so we deviate back to our baseline.
That’s why you have so many highly motivated people embarking joining the gym in January, just to have their membership terminated in February when it turns out that the path to their perfect body is going to be much more challenging then they expected.
Part of it is obviously having the right strategy and tactics, and a clear goal in mind, but the other side of it is clearing out all the mental clutter that stops you from getting there.
If the mindset part is not taken care of it often feels like trying to hit the accelerator and break at the same time. One part of you wants to move forward, but the other part of you stops you because the discomfort associated with change is too much to handle.

Who Is Mark Sing?

mark sing
Mark Sing is a Seduction coach who uses NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to help his clients overcome their internal sticking points with women. Many men who have trouble with attraction suffer from past traumas they may not be aware of.
These unconscious traumas give them “beta male” programming which prevents women from being able to get attracted to them.
Mark uses NLP processes to “rewrite” ineffective programs in the brain, helping most clients overcome their biggest sticking points with girls in just a few sessions.

Key Takeaways

– Your brain is like hardware that stores data about the self (software).
– A lot of that software is holding you back from what you want to achieve.
– The software can be reprogrammed due to neuroplasticity.
– The basis of your identity is formed in early childhood and is heavily influenced by your parents and the environment.
– By changing your internal beliefs you can change the way you view yourself and therefore are able to take actions that will lead to new outcomes.
– Guys 3 biggest sticking points when it comes to success with women are approach anxiety, not knowing what to say and feelings of unworthiness.


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