The Manliness of Giving Back

The Manliness of Giving Back

Charitable giving can provide you with many more benefits than simply getting a tax deduction. In fact, men who donate to charities that are important to them will discover many perks associated with taking this action, including impressing the women in their life. The reality is that there are hundreds of good charities that need assistance, and even a small financial contribution can improve many lives.

Women Love Givers

It’s time to be honest, girls want a guy that knows how to give. It proves manliness. Manliness is about character and displaying the very fact that you genuinely care about others besides yourself is real character. Remember not to broadcast your charity, then you’re just promoting your selfish intent for the donation. Let it become apart of your heart, women will pick up on that.

What are the Main Benefits of Being Charitable?

Although we shouldn’t give for selfish purposes, there are perks to giving. This  should help motivate. Giving to others in need has been linked to many positive psychological benefits. For example, a study that was conducted by Harvard Business School in 2008 determined that giving money to charity will increase your happiness much more than spending it on yourself instead. Additionally, it has been proven that being charitable can have an impact on your social connections. There are also health benefits associated with donating to charity and volunteering. Multiple studies have found that volunteering helps extend an elderly person’s lifespan, and these same benefits can help enhance your overall health.

The Importance of Sincerity

Some people make the decision to give to charity simply because they want to be viewed as charitable. Although this will still help people or animals in need, it will not have the same impact on your life. After all, doing something with the sole purpose of being recognized for your actions is not what charity is all about. It is also important to note that people can typically tell if you are being insincere, and you are not going to impress a woman by writing a charitable check simply because you want to look like a big shot in front of her. On the other hand, if it is obvious that you truly care about the cause, you are likely to inspire others to help out. As an added bonus, most women love it when a man is passionate about a charitable cause.

Tangible Perks of Donating

Being sincere about a charity does not mean that you cannot reap positive rewards that are more tangible than the previously listed psychological and health benefits. There are actually many ways that giving back can help you socially and professionally, including getting your name in front of potentially influential individuals and businesses. For example, if you donate to certain causes, they will thank you by name on their website or in their newsletter. It is even sometimes possible to have your name or business mentioned in marketing materials if you make a large enough contribution. Again, this will help improve your image with the ladies, but it could also lead to other worthwhile perks such as being invited to noteworthy events or landing an interview with a well-known company.

How Can I Get the Most Out of Giving Back?

There is a big difference between subtly letting people know you are charitable and bragging about it to seem like a good person. You can talk about your favorite charities during casual conversations and slip in a comment about donating regularly, but do not focus on how much you contribute. Alternately, you can leave thank you cards and notes from your favorite charities in a visible location without calling attention to them. These methods will let people know you care, but they will do so without calling your sincerity into question.

Or you can just do it out of the kindness of your heart and no care who knows it. This super subtlety is so strong and when people find out about he great things you do, throughout someone other than yourself, it greatly strengthens their thoughts about you.

Picking the right charity to donate to can be tricky, so it is best to do some research to you find organizations that support causes you care about and have a high rating. A few examples of charities that maximize each contribution include the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation, Feeding America and Direct Relief.


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