How to Use Manifestation Techniques and Positive Visualization to Win the Woman of Your Dreams

How to Use Manifestation Techniques and Positive Visualization to Win the Woman of Your Dreams

The great writer, Ralph Waldo Emerson, once wrote that the ancestor of every action is a thought.

Our dominant thoughts form our attitudes and drive us to take all of our major actions in life.

So, simply put, our thoughts are critical to our success in life.

Manifestation techniques and positive visualization are based on these principles. When it comes to dating and relationships, you need the right mindset. You see, when you sit across from a pretty girl at a bar and assume, “She has a boyfriend,” or “If I approached her, she would shut me down” you are sabotaging yourself.

The right mindset stays positive and sees success before it even occurs.   Even if you’re wrong, you improved your abilities for the next time. You can manifest your positive reality by starting with your thoughts.

Here are steps to win over the girl of your dreams:

1) Practice Affirmations

Positive self-talk is powerful.

Try these three affirmations:

  1. I can ask her out. 
  2. I am courageous. 
  3. No Excuses.

2) Become what you are trying to attract 

Deepak Chopra says, “Instead of searching for The One, become The One.” Men and women alike get caught up in a concept of searching for a prototype in a partner. That’s why lots of people look at dating sites like online shopping. You’re looking for surface level features- a petite spinner blonde under 5’5 or a brunette with green eyes. Go deeper and become your best self in order to attract your high-quality counterpart. Before you start seeking a girl who loves fitness and rocks abs, ask yourself, “Do I actually make my personal fitness a priority?” Before you seek an intellectual female, ask yourself, “Do I partake in self-education?  Love is like a mirror for all us. We attract the qualities we possess ourselves on a subconscious level, based on The Law of Attraction. Challenge yourself to see why you attract certain people, or even lose some in the process.

Additionally, The Law of Attraction does not merely state that like attracts like. It states that we attract people who are on the same frequency. If you want to be with a woman who possesses unique feminine charms and qualities, harness the core of your masculinity. It may sound old-fashioned for some of us, but when we seek relationships with male-female dynamics, we need to dive into our identity as a man or woman. Just tap into your masculine instincts- opening doors for her, pulling out her chair, putting your arm around her.

Leave yourself with the questions, “How can I attract an elegant woman by becoming my best self?” “What qualities do I naturally possess that women want?” and “Am I currently attracting the right females? Why or why not?” Remember, actions speak louder than words. Acting upon your responses to these questions in a step in the right direction.

3) Get clear about what you want 

If you are practicing manifestation techniques and positive visualization to attract a woman (or multiple), you need to get specific about what you’re looking for. Sometimes people actually end up manifesting what they think they wanted, and then they realized they were wrong! It might be beneficial for you to spend some time being single through a dating detox, and use this time to assess what you really want in a woman. Write a list of all of the traits you seek in your ideal female, but be realistic. The perfect woman doesn’t exist, but you can find the one that is right for you!

4) Take action  

Once you’ve assessed what you’re looking for, it’s time to step out into the jungle. You won’t find what you’re looking for if you’re Netflixing and chilling on Friday night. You need to take action. Fill your life with social activities, keep your eyes open for women of interest, and take your time in getting to know them. Start initiating the pursuit. Manifesting won’t work if you stay in a bubble and live in your comfort zone.

5) Make an energy shift 

Our bodies are actually energy fields which can be incredibly powerful. In order to attract the right people into your life, you need to shift your energy to be in alignment with what you want. If you wake up each day feeling discouraged, thinking, “Why am I still single?” you will attract a relationship at a much slower pace. If you wake up each day feeling grateful and powerful, thinking, “My life is awesome,” you will attract the opportunities you seek. As the philosopher and poet, Rumi, once wrote, “What you seek is seeking you.” Shift your energy through becoming the affirmations you create for yourself. “I am powerful.” “I am confident.” “I have tapped into the ultimate masculine energy.” Taking it a step further, your energy does not say, “I want a relationship.” It says, “I’m in a relationship.” Then, people start responding to you differently, and when this is done effectively it is almost instantaneous.

In Conclusion 

When manifesting your desires through these techniques, it’s important to detach after you develop your mindset and vision. Let go of stress and detach from results, but stay with positive self-expectancy. The woman of your dreams is right around the corner.


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