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This is a guest post collaboration byAi??James hundson, certified personal fitness trainer professional & lifestyle consultantAi??who works with pharmafreak.com & Sean Russell, owner of MenProvement.comAi??on how to lose 4 pounds in a just a week.Ai??James has great deal of knowledge and specialized in weight loss and fitness training. He assists people looking to meet specific goals, especially weight loss and toning total body.

I get it,

You know weight loss is a long and steady process, typically a lifestyle change. But the bachelor party in Miami is in a week, the ladies will be plentiful, and you want to drop a few pounds to look your best. We’ve all been there.

While fast weight loss is a dream for many, it is possible to achieveAi??such results. The problem is, itAi??becomes more difficult when one is living a sedentary lifestyle or is bound to the work desk for most part of the day, not to mention having unhealthy eating habits of snacking on pizzas, burgers and French fries.

So without getting your brain scrambled with any crazy fitness related jargon, here are some simple ways that really can help you loseAi??4 poundsAi??within a week, so whoever you’re trying to impress, will in fact be impressed.

1) Cut back on the starchy carbs and up the good fat

Are carbs good, are carbs bad? I’m tired of the constant confusion. A piece of wheat bread causes just as much of an insulin spike as a piece of white bread, andAi??spikes blood sugar even more than a bag of skittles! (Yes, it turns straight to sugar)

If you want to lose weight, cut the carbs back this week. You will be amazed at the results. Plus you will likely lose 4 pounds just in water weight. Your welcome.

Instead opt for good fats. Avocados, eggs, meats, fish, cheese. Hell I even eat bacon. You will drop theAi??pounds, trust me.

Also, not all carbs are bad. Sweet potatoes and black beans are fair game this week. Indulge.

2) Make healthy breakfast choices

Many people skip their breakfasts thinking that it would help them shed those poundsAi??faster. False. Skipping the most important meal of the day would only make you suffer from hunger pangs and you will eventually snack on unhealthy food options, which would beat the very objective of losing weight.

Also, Your body has been programmed from millions of years ago to be prepared for famine. When you skip meals, and don’t eat enough, your body thinks you’re in a famine. It doesn’t know you have a pool party or are heading to Miami in a week. Trust me.

So, make sure to have a healthy breakfast that keeps you fuller for a long time. Inclusion of eggs, avocado, a glass of skimmed milk, and maybe a portion of fresh fruits in your breakfast would ensure that you get a balanced meal to start your day with, while skipping on all the heavy carbs. (Breads, cereals)

In addition, the Intake of a cup of green tea at breakfast is another wise choice as it is known to boost metabolism, which in turn would help you lose weight. Intake of dendrobium supplements in the morning, which reduce appetite and fatigue, can also pave way for better weight loss results.

3) Plan your lunch and dinner carefully

Your job doesn’t end with breakfast. You should plan your lunch and dinner carefully as well. Include lots of fresh, green vegetables and eat fish or meat. You can throw in a sweet potato or some black beans for your carbs and fiber and you are good to go.

4) Select your supplements wisely

However well planned your diet is, you may still lose out on some much-needed vitamins and minerals. Plus supplements will drop some extra weight.

Intake of supplements that contain fat burners like dendrobium and raspberry ketonesAi??are an effective way to shed those stubborn pounds.

5) Plan your workouts

You can consult your trainer to plan your workouts that not only target the problem areas but also ensure to work all your muscles and the entire body. If you believe in a DIY approach, ensure to have a brisk walk for 30 minutes every day, which will help you burn almost 75 calories. Running, jogging, swimming, cycling etc are other simple exercises that can help you burn calories.

However, for faster weight loss results within a week, your fitness regimen should also include cardio workouts like step-ups, lunges and squats etc and the almighty sprint.

This high intensity cardio will really burn the calories and ensure that you lose those 4 pounds.

And don’t forget, itai??i??s important that you have a proper stretching and cool down session before and after starting your workouts to get your body in the right frame.

You canAi??even make little changes in your everyday routine (like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking your car two blocks away and walking the stretch, getting up to switch the TV channels than sitting and using the remote etc) to get in shape faster.

6) Eat frequently but use smaller portions

Rather than take three large meals a day, itai??i??s always better to plan six shorter meals, evenly spaced throughout the day, to lose weight faster. While including healthy foods in these meals, you should also keep a close eye on the portions that you consume. The trick is to eat smaller portions frequently that would keep you satiated throughout the day.

7) Up your water intake

When you cut back the carbs and drink a gallon or more of water a day, you will be amazed at how much water your body releases. You could loseAi??4 pounds in a week just from water weight.

In conclusion

By making a wise choice and armed with a well thought out plan, itai??i??s indeed possible to lose 4 poundsAi??in just a week.

However, you shouldn’t opt for a strict diet that promises magical weight loss results but ends up making you feel weak and pale. Also, don’t embarkAi??on a vigorous exercise program is a strict no-no unless your consult your doctor/trainer at first.

So stick to this plan, be disciplined for only one week, andAi??enjoy Miami.

Then you can proceed to gaining it all back in booze ; )

**Consult a doctor before going on any diets, workout plans or supplements. This is all opinion and we are not doctors.



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