5 Questions to Ask a Girl without looking Needy

Girls are known to be full of mysteries. In any situation, you will always find some or the other question to ask her, and the answers will amaze you. Many times, people engage in small talks. But most of the other times, they look for something meaningful, without sounding desperate.
There are a variety of questions meant for various occasions. For example, when you are in a deep relationship, you will find questions that will help you know more about the other person. When you are going out on a first date, there is a completely different set of questions to make you both comfortable, and so on.
While being in a relationship gives you the freedom to ask anything without making the other person uncomfortable, dating goes differently. On a first date, you ought to keep special attention on not sounding needy.

Why should you take care?

Obviously when you are there to know each other, then you should be able to ask anything, right? WRONG! Being on a first date does not give you the right to intrude the other person’s space. While it is evident that you are here to know each other, you have to follow certain restrictions. And this happens mostly when you are a guy. You can also try some would you rather questions with her.
This becomes important so that the girl does not leave you hanging in the middle of a date. If you make her comfortable, you might get a second chance with her, and hence you might bloom a wonderful relationship. And slowly, she will herself begin sharing some of her secrets you always wanted to know.
On the contrary, if she finds you desperate enough, she might just skip meeting you again and may never see you. You will also form a bad image in front of her and others as well. So, always be cautious about what you are going to ask.

What questions to ask?

Here, we will share with you 5 such questions that you can ask if you both are strangers, or are on a first date. They will not only make you genuine, but also make her comfortable in talking with you. Who knows you might find a wonderful girlfriend in her.

  • Tell me something about yourself

Although it sounds like an interview question, this genuinely makes the first question you can ask someone whom you don’t know that well. This question can take various turns. A girl can talk about herself, her likes and dislikes, her achievements, or anything she feels worth sharing. She might even talk about her childhood and what kind of girl is she.
This question will give you a major breakthrough in determining whether she is the kind of girl you would like to date in future or not. And whether you both will be able to stay comfortable with each other or not. Just like in interviews, this question also helps a lot in personal life.

  • What kind of food do you like?

Most of the times, girls are conscious of their diet. So asking this question becomes much more important. There may be a chance that you have planned to take her out on an exquisite date with a variety of food. All of this will go in vain if she doesn’t even like that kind of food.
This question will not only give you insights on her liking, but she will also respect you to consider her choice. Who knows she is a big-time foodie like you and you may connect extremely well with each other.

  • What is your family like?

For girls, the family is a very dear topic. They can talk endlessly about their parents, siblings, cousins, their family upbringing, wonderful moments, and so on. Just by asking this simple question, you can open a variety of other questions that follow the suite. She will be extremely happy to talk.
Here, you have a wonderful chance to know how big is her family, and what the values she believe in are. Whether her family has an open mind or prefers staying conservative. You may also come to know how is her relationship with her siblings and hence, what kind of bonding she shares with her closed ones.

  • What are your hobbies? What makes you smile to the fullest?

Even though it seems like a simple and straightforward question, try to probe her more. While some hobbies are very common, there might be some hidden hobbies which she herself might not be aware of. So ask her variety of questions regarding this and notice which one makes her smile, regarding her birthday as well to wish her on that occasion. Amidst this, you might find a certain hobby which both of you love to do equally.

  • If I were a genie and would grant you 3 wishes, what would you ask?

This is a very unrealistic question. But this will give you a look into what is in her heart. She might have certain desires which are not possible for her to do alone. This question can have 2 such kinds of answers – realistic like traveling to a certain place, or unrealistic like having a magical power.
Anyways, you will come to know a lot more about the girl by asking just these 5 questions. And if all goes well, your relationship will move one step forward, and you can expect meeting her again very soon.

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