Looking Good in Casuals: 4 Tips for Men to Make It Work

There is no denying that a well-tailored suit is probably the most powerful piece of clothing that any man can wear, but you can’t just wear your suit everywhere! Sometimes, you just need to dress casually for the occasion and here are four tips to do it right.

Don’t Mistake Casual for Sloppy

Mistaking sloppy dressing for casuals is what most of us do and we don’t even realize it at the time. Dressing casually means that whatever it is that you are wearing should give off a feel of relaxation and light-heartedness, but not one of sloppy dressing sense! For example, avoid sweatshirts and sweatpants unless you have any real intention of exercising or playing sport. There is practically no limit to what you can wear in the privacy of your own home, but then again, casual style doesn’t exactly concern your night robes either.

Understand That There are Different Levels of Casualness

Men in particular, fail to understand the difference between casual and “too casual.” Wearing a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans with some flip-flops is just way too causal, even if you are attending an occasion like a weekend office party. They are okay for a Sunday barbeque at home, but if you are going out to a place where there will be a lot of people from the office, it’s a better idea if you just went with a polo t-shirt and some chinos/trousers. That’s not the only option of course, try a men’s clothing club for a wide range of options to choose from. Companies like Menlo Club offer a clothes’ subscription service so you don’t even need to traipse around the shops looking for an outfit.

Casual Dressing Doesn’t Mean You Can Ignore Your Body Type

It doesn’t matter what you are wearing, you just cannot ignore your body type, as long as there are other people involved and it’s a social occasion. For example, even if you are fit and in perfect shape, a baggy T-shirt can make you look skinny and unhealthy, instead of making you look fit and sexy. On the other hand, if a potbelly has started to make its presence felt, it’s a bad idea to wear anything that fits snugly around the torso. The idea is to wear clothes that complement your body type.

The Right Type of Jeans

There is a popular opinion that baggy and embellished jeans are a no go for matured men and there might be some truth to that, but some people do carry it well! Nevertheless, unless you really know what you are doing, keep the following points in mind while buying your next pair of jeans.

  • Avoid jeans with big company logos
  • Keep the rips and distresses to a minimum
  • Straight fits are always going to look better for men, irrespective of your build or what might go around as advice from fashion experts
  • Get your jeans resized so that they don’t pool, crease or wrinkle
  • The darker the denim, the more formal it looks

Not that this is a comprehensive list of tips by any means, but these should help nonetheless. It might also be a good idea to take a second opinion before actually buying your casuals, preferably from someone of the opposite gender.

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