MPP010: Nofap is a Limitless Pill – Legandary Nofapper Shares His Secrets…


This is the episode 010 of The Menprovement Podcast. In this episode, I will speak with Captain Sindbad.
Captain Sindbad is an awesome YouTube creator, who is an aspiring actor who has discovered nofap and is using it as a tool to propel his life further.
Ever since he started his journey he noticed:

  • increased women attraction
  • better career opportunities
  • better at acting
  • much more

Overall Captain Sindbad stepped into a positive upwards spiral that helped him to transform his life. He claims that it would not be possible if it wasn’t for nofap and other helpful practices that he adapted along the way.



  • How the simple act of stopping masturbation can have a profound effect on you
  • Why nofap works (as if you were still on the sidelines about that)
  • How to apply your nofap superpowers into your daily life
  • How to ignite your self-development with the most potent source of your life energy


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– Artur Kot

Artur Kot

Artur Kot

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