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An atmosphere is undoubtedly the distinguishing factor of every interior. It’s intangible and something you can’t physically buy to add aesthetics to your home. However, it’s the thing that draws the line between a great home and just a good one. Also, it’s something that makes your guests want to linger and stay in your home for as long as possible.

How do you get it or make an existing one even better? The answer lies within lights. Yes, lights! How you illuminate your space can either create an atmosphere or demolish the whole decoration of your interior, no matter how you carefully choose the style, color, and furniture.

Lighting can bring a room the entire room together or make it unappealing, uninviting and non-functional. To avoid this from happening, here are the techniques you can use to make your home pleasant to your guests.

Adorn Your Room With Multiple Lights

Lighting is beneficial in many ways, whether you want to enhance or change the feel and look of a particular space. Most of the time, the perfect ambiance require balancing and using several light sources at a various level that blend together.

A space that is well-lit needs different kinds of lighting that range from general up to task oriented types without removing the decorative or accent lights. Whenever you select a light fixture for a particular room, put into consideration the size of the room, the purpose of the lamp and even the look you want to create and the mood you want to set.

Do not be afraid to play and experiment with different types of light fixtures to generate the perfect balance.

Make a Statement Using Lights

According to Patty Donnelly, a lighting specialist, lighting creates a mood in every room and subtly emits a cozy feel that you aren’t aware. A beautiful pendant lamp is a key for every interior design.

Just like a piece of jewelry, lights can create a powerful design statement. Consider the shape, style, color, and size when it comes to choosing a centerpiece to illuminate your room. If pendant lamp is not your thing, find a particular light that will draw the admiration and attention of the visitors.

Let the Light Set The Mood In Your Room

Apart from the design of lighting fixtures, the light itself also generates different moods, from a relaxing ambiance to a bright and energetic one. Hence, carefully choose the lampshades and their position concerning the amount of light they give.

You can use glare-free and warm lights for spaces that are close to your eyesight, just like the petite friture lamps. Choose a light bulb that is not perceptible at any angle. If you opt a lamp shade, make sure it will complement to any area and height in a home, either as a floor lamp, a table lamp or a pendant.

Be Creative and Play With Your Lights

Pendant lamps displayed in straight or clustered lines are becoming popular because they add a playful touch to any area. It will be best if you experiment with small lights as they fit perfectly into smaller areas and augments a decorative touch if you use them in groups.

You can also append an edge factor to your area by using chic lamp twist. It’s a small yet stylish light that is perfect to use in clusters.  

Bring a Cozy Feeling To Your Dinner Table

Incorporate functionality and design and make a centerpiece from your dining table by hanging either a straight line of chic lamps or a huge lampshade as the centerpiece of your area. Select lights that create a feeling of home and happiness and contributes to a memorable dining experience.

For instance, you can use a lampshade that frames the whole dining table and possess an inviting aura for a lively or peaceful night with family and friends. There are designs with holes around the lampshade that illuminate an ambient light while adding a downward directional light at the same time.


Whether you’ve been looking forward to kicking back on the sofa as soon as you step through the door after a stressful day at work or you’ve got guests coming over for a dinner party, your lighting at home has direct effects on the atmosphere it conjures. So, follow the guidelines above, and you’re one step away from having a welcoming home that your friends and relatives will love.


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