Many car crashes are due to a misunderstanding of who has right of way. If the driver that caused the accident had understood the road layout and read the highway code, a lot of these types of accidents could be avoided. Refreshing your memory and reading driving theory also helps.


For some reason roundabouts are the source for a lot of confusion. The general rule is that you give way to the person joining the roundabout on your right. Frequently people misunderstand this rule and pull out into someone else’s path.

On bigger roundabouts it is easy to work out who is on your right, but on the smaller, white painted ones sometimes it’s very easy to make a mistake and pull out at the wrong time.

Many times drivers pull up and there’s that weird stop/go situation where one car is about to go then stops, then another car does the same thing until eventually one of them gets fed up and just floors it across the roundabout!

The easy way to get around this is to imagine that the roundabout is a full size one that you can’t just drive over.

Pulling onto a motorway

It’s crazy but learner drivers aren’t currently allowed to drive on the motorway. One you’ve passed your test you can drive on the motorway from day one without any experience.

For a new driver the motorway is a totally new experience that they haven’t come across before. Sometimes this leads to dangerous situations, especially when joining motorways from the slip road.

It’s very important to know that all of the cars who are already on the motorway have right of way over any car joining from a slip road. To join the motorway safely you need to get up to a good speed, at least 60mph if possible. While you’re driving down the slip road get a good idea of the traffic that’s already there, try to judge the speed to see if you’re able to pull out without causing them to slow down or stop.

If you notice that you’re on a collision course with another car slow down, don’t try to force them out of the way as they won’t be expecting to have to move. An alert driver will try to make space for you but sometimes it isn’t possible if there’s a car blocking the lane next to them.

Look out for motorcycles

Motorcycles can be really hard to spot. When you’re turning or changing lane always check your blind spot just in case there’s a motorcycle sitting there. It’s very easy to miss something on the first glance so always take another quick look before making a manoeuvre.

Pedestrian crossings

In general, pedestrians have right of way if they are already in the road. Always stop for pedestrians and never drive around them if they are already crossing the road. If a pedestrian is crossing the road at traffic lights and the lights are flashing amber they still have the right of way.


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