The readers of Menprovement are action oriented guys that are always looking for an edge with women. For those who have not yet heard about kratom it could very well be the solution for completely destroying your anxiety around women, becoming more sexually aggressive with them, and having the kind of sex that makes them chase after you and call you for more.

What is Kratom?

Kratom (mitragyna speciosa) is a natural plant indigenous to Southeast Asia. A quick web search shows that it has been used to significantly reduce anxiety, increase productivity, and improve mood. It’s cheap, it’s natural, and it’s completely legal in almost all places. It’s also still effective in smaller amounts: the recommended dosage is roughly 2-4 grams. With Kratom, less is more and you don’t need to use too much.

Kratom is classified by ‘strains’, and each strain is differentiated by colour and by the region of growth. Users have reported minimal downsides from Kratom. It doesn’t produce the numerous side effects of alcohol, and it is not nearly as habit forming as a cup of coffee.

Here’s how it can be absolute dynamite for your sex life:

1. Kratom Can Eliminate Your Approach Anxiety

For most guys, approaching an attractive girl and engaging in a sexually charged conversion can create anxiety. This makes it tough to play the numbers game and can really put a dampen your sex life.

In both night-time and day-time situations, Kratom can make it significantly easier to approach women as it kills approach anxiety. Kratom provides a stronger reduction in anxiety than alcohol and without any of the negatives, such as impaired coordination and decreased sensitivity in bed.

During the day, kratom can be even more useful since it makes approaching women feel very natural, even if you are completely sober.

Best strains for anxiety: Gold Indo, Red Indo, Green Indo

2. Kratom Can Make You More Charismatic Around Women 

Kratom doesn’t just make it easier to initiate interactions with women; it also allows you to be much more smooth and natural around them. Girls can usually tell when you’re anxious around them because you tend to physically appear incongruent and awkward. We’ve all been there, and it can be frustrating.

By vastly lowering both mental and physical anxiety, kratom can enable you to appear much more naturally charismatic and in control even around the hottest girls. This allows you to be more aggressive rather than nervous, vastly increasing the chance of getting laid on any given day or night.

Best strains for talking to girls: Green Maeng Da, White Indo, Red Maeng Da

3. Kratom Makes Going Out Alone Much Easier

A lot of guys know that going out alone at night is a very efficient way to get laid. However so few guys do it because they believe that everyone will know they’re out alone. Kratom is the best wingman when flying solo alone because it kills that make-believe fear and lets you focus completely on getting laid.

Kratom, especially the faster strains, can also keep you in a talkative mood despite not getting socially warmed up with your friends. It can be especially beneficial for the more introverted guys as it makes social interactions require much less energy.

Best Strains for Flying Solo: White Maeng Da, Red Thai

4. Kratom Can Destroy Sexual Anxiety

For guys that are not as experienced yet, sexual anxiety can sometimes become an issue when you’re with a new girl. Anxiety stimulates the body’s fight-or-flight response and can make it tough to maintain a solid erection.

Kratom does not just have beneficial mental effects; it has also been known to physically relax the central nervous system for most guys. Many men have noted that kratom has been a total game-changer in bed. With zero anxiety and a rock-hard erection, you can be confident that you’ll give girls a great experience in the bedroom.

Best strains for Great Sex: Gold Indo, Green Malay, Red Indo

5. Kratom Can Enable You To Last Much Longer In Bed

Most guys finish quickly and leave their women wanting more in the wrong way. Having sex with a girl for thirty or forty minutes and hearing her tell you how much better you are than other guys is a wonderful feeling.

Men around the world have noted that kratom simply lets them last much longer in bed. For the guys that hit the finish line extra quickly, kratom has been nothing short of a miracle. The best advice is to use kratom at least 2-3 hours before sex in order to last longer without sacrificing any pleasure.

Best strains for lasting forever: Gold Indo, Red Horned Thai, Red Maeng Da

Where To Get Kratom?

To get the full benefits mentioned above, you need to purchase only high quality kratom. There are just too many vendors with average quality kratom.

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Give kratom a try. It will probably be nothing short of life-changing for you. At the very least, you’ll get laid more and the whole thing will be more fun.

Legal disclaimer:

All statements made within this article have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Nothing contained in this article is medical advice. This article is written explicitly for entertainment purposes and everything written is an account of personal experience and not instructions. Kratom is not sold for human consumption.


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