Know Your Cigars: What Makes a Good One Great?

Like anything else in your life, consistency is a valuable characteristic that should also apply to the next pack of cigar you purchase. You should expect every cigar to offer you great quality taste; making the last one you smoked the best ever. However, since cigars are hand assembled natural products, you will likely find some variations in cigars from the same brand, but that’s the beauty of going for a natural product.
Consistency is a critical feature that’s been used in creating this list. A great cigar should offer you consistent construction and quality tobacco, no matter the number of cigars you smoke from a particular brand or box. As you search for a place to buy little cigars, premium cigars, filtered cigars and other choices, here are a few things to keep in mind for a consistent taste experience all the time!


The cigar’s construction is a critical aspect that people should think about. No matter how good the tobacco is, if a cigar falls apart as you smoke, you will end up craving for another full one. However, even when a cigar does not fall, you should consider other aspects.
A properly rolled cigar should burn evenly and drawing ought to be relatively easy. However, if drawing is too easy, it is an indicator that the cigar might be under-filled; when a cigar is overstuffed, drawing will be difficult. In addition, an unevenly burning cigar is an indicator of a serious construction mistake.
Your piece’s composition is an important aspect, just as important as the tobacco in it; you should avoid brands that have any of the mistakes above. In the same breath, you cannot judge cigar quality based on shape because there are a couple of varieties designed to be different. Some choices have elongated cylindrical shapes with one open end.


For some, taste should probably be the top list of ranking cigar quality, and it is. However, taste is one of those aspects that elevate cigar smoking from a quick urge satisfying experience to a pleasurable, lasting experience. Plus, rating taste can be difficult considering that this is a subjective variable, and every smoker has their own preferred taste.
General features like a consistent taste, pleasant aroma, smoothness, and different flavorful accents throughout your cigar’s burns are critical. While smoking, it is important you take note of how the cigar feels; does it dry out your mouth or make you salivate. Does the smoke feel hot or cool, creamy or silky, heavy or light?


When it comes to cigars, color is not that important, what you should be looking for is consistency in color. The cigars you purchase should not have any obvious blemishes in the leaves and color ought to be the same in each cigar and among cigars in your collection or box.


When properly lit, the cigar should burn evenly and in a controlled pace. Poorly rolled cigars tend to unevenly burn and will usually leave you with some unbalanced taste in the mouth.
In case burn is too slow, there is the added risk of the burn extinguishing, leaving you unsatisfied with the experience. On the other hand, if the cigar burns too quickly, you will not get time to enjoy it, you will be burned and flavors will be harsh.

Cigar Ash

Even the ash on your cigar should tell you more about its construction quality. A quality piece should form a reasonably firm ash that does not fall off until it is about an inch long. If the ash is fast crumbling, this could be an indicator of poor construction.

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