Speed, Strength And Agility

Speed, Strength, and Agility are the key factors for most sports. An athlete requires a lot of velocity and swiftness. Speed is a combination of potential and allocation, which can be achieved with advanced workout routines. Here are several ways that can help you increase your speed and give you massive strength and agility.

  • Warm Up
    A proper warm up helps to circulate blood, it delivers oxygen and all the important nutrients to the muscles and delays fatigue so that you can get more out of your time. It helps to create coordination and reaction control. Warm up exercises include squats, push-ups, yoga plex, kneeling extension rotation, jumping jacks, etc.

Yoga plex is a simple warm up exercise in which you have to stand with your legs spread to shoulder width, with a bench in front of you, that’s almost a foot tall. Without bending your back, place your hands on the bench. Now stretch your right leg to a point where it barely touches the ground. Along with this, lift your right arm too. Stay for a minute, and repeat with the other side.

  • Jump Hurdle Drills
    It requires a set up of 5-10 rows of 6 or 12 inch hurdles in a straight line. Starting at the first hurdle, jump over it with your first leg. Pause for a few seconds before you drop your other leg and stand in between the first two hurdles. Jump back over the first hurdle, returning to start. Repeat the same across block 1 and then block 2, before moving back to start. The same pattern must be followed for all the proceeding blocks. Repeat it with your other side also.
    This helps to increase balance and stride length. It will be of great help to improve your performance in sports such as tennis, soccer, and football.
  • Run Suicide Runs
    Suicide runs are a great exercise to build cardiovascular strength, speed, and agility. It starts by running 20 feet away and then turning around back to the starting point. Without taking any breaks, again run 30 feet forward and then return back to start. Repeat the same with 40 feet run. These runs are great to improve your strength, speed, balance, and precision.
  • Train With Weights
    There are multiple types of exercises that focus on different muscle groups. After the completion of various exercises, use dumbbells or hand weights, to increase resistance. As your strength increases, add on more weight. Squats and deadlifts are great exercises to strengthen the muscles in your legs and hamstrings. Hold weights in each hand while performing the squat or deadlifts to increase the effect of the exercise. Bench presses or other arm exercises also help in increasing arm strength, which enhance your activities such as throwing and catching.
  • Perform Cone Taps
    This exercise requires a cone that is to be placed in front of you. Thereafter, lift one of the legs high and gently tap the top of the cone with your ankle before returning it to resting position. Repeat with the other foot. Switching back and forth, repeat it for three sets of 30 seconds each.
    This exercise helps in strengthening the muscles of your feet and ankles. It also helps you to feel lighter on your feet and increases foot coordination.
    Do not trip over the cone and if you think that you are knocking over the cone, slow the movement down until you are no longer hitting the cone.
  • Do Ladder Drills
    Using an agility ladder, almost 10 yards long with roughly 18 inch blocks, run through its each block. Swing your arms high and bring your knee up to your chest, on each step. Change your arms and legs with every progression. On reaching at the end of the ladder retrace your path to the starting point to complete one drill. Repeat the drill for 3-4 cycles when you begin and keep on increasing the cycles each time you perform, depending on your ability and enhanced flexibility. You can also increase your speed as you improve. In case you do not own an agility ladder, need not worry. You can create an agility ladder yourself using sticks to demarcate the blocks and tie them using a string or tape. Creating a replica of the agility ladder and working out with it, works in the same manner. As an alternative, try this exercise going sideways instead of forward. Also try doing the derivative of the same sideways as you do it forward, with lifting your arm and legs in a synchronised manner as it is done in the original exercise.
    These exercises come handy for the athletes and are very useful in increasing the speed, strength and agility for those looking for a better performance.


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