k'nepl cufflinks

k'nepl cufflinks

When it comes to Cufflinks, like many of you know, we’ve always had to choose between over the top ostentatious ones, and novelty super hero Cufflinks that you should never be caught wearing. Either they can cost you a fortune and drill a hole in your wallet (especially when you realize you just lost one of them). or you can pay pennies on the dollar, however when you do wear them, you’ll wish your jacket sleeve was 2 inches longer.

Therefore, we at K’NEPL decided to create a line of Cufflinks that are classy for a black tie event yet casual enough for a night out on the town. Not costing a fortune and still making you look stylish, sophisticated and chic.

Our Button Cufflinks are created from the finest Tagua palms (which is an alternative to ivory) and from some of the most durable threads available on the market today. They are all Handmade at a local factory in the heart of the fashion district in New York City.

We also give 10% of our profits to Charity.

Back in 9th century central Europe, K’NEPL which is pronounced K ‘ NE – PUL meant “Buttons”, which is how we got our name.

We at K’NEPL follow 3 guidelines: Always Handmade, Always in America, and Always Free Shipping.

Shop Today and get 30% Off plus Free Shipping, promo code: SAVE30

Happy Holidays,

– The K’nepl Team

Visit: Knepl.com to learn more


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