Living in the 21st century is full of hassle and turmoil. With everyone rushing for quick results it feels like time travels faster than light, leaving you dumbfounded. After all, so much to do yet so little time!
But that’s not all life is about. You also want to stay in touch with your friends and family or do the odd piled up chores. Most of all carve out a little time for yourself and do what makes you happy
Sounds too stressful? Well then, it’s time for some changes!

1.  Watch Something That Will Make You Laugh

Mark Twain once said, nothing can stand up against an assault of laughter. True that! If you are feeling all stressed out, watch something funny  – something that makes you laugh. It’ll surely divert your thoughts and refresh you.

2.   Avoid Multitasking

We are all victims of multi-tasking. Your constant ringing phone and piling paperwork at your desk is proof that without concentration nothing gets done properly.
Multitasking sound normal but it isn’t exactly best for your mental health. It is one of the primary sources of stress and you need to stop it now!
Complete one task at a time and focus on that. You’ll be more efficient and accurate. Don;t forget to let your brain relax from time to time.

3.   Buy a Coloring Book

There are many studies that show coloring helps our brain to relax and improves our focusing power. The brain goes into de-stressing mode and you will not only be creating a masterpiece, but also gather enough brainpower to tackle the next big task.
A coloring book won’t cost you a fortune, neither will those crayons. So why not give it a shot?

4.   Go for a Banana

According to doctors, when you are all stressed out, your blood pressure increases significantly. However, you can always push it down to the normal level by having a banana.
This yellow goodness contains potassium that will take your BP to optimal levels and help you to stay active.

5. Hit the Floor with your Dance Moves

If you are all stressed and burnt out, music and dancing is a great way to get relieve from it. Go funky with your favorite beats and let all the stress fly out of you.
While dancing is not for everyone, soothing music and a cup of tea also works as a wonderful alternative.

6. Freshen up with a Facemask

Mix one teaspoon of honey and half of an avocado with two tablespoons of hot water. Slither it over your face and lie down for 10 minutes.
Once you wash your face, you’ll feel all bubbly and fresh. It’s an excellent way to get rid of pent up stress in addition to all the dirt sticking to your face.

7. Goof Around

We all have to grow up someday to become responsible adults but never let go of your inner childness and turn grumpy and boring.
Hang out with you friends and fool around. The joy you feel when goofing around will to shake you up and free you from all the stress.

8. Listen to the Rain

I am a great fan of rain and all the mystical sound it produces. If it is raining outside, sit by the window. Enjoy the view and sound with a mug full of hot cocoa (or coffee) on your lap.
You will surely feel all freshen up and energized. An excellent way to stay chilled and happy.

9. Try Meditation

Lots of people are trying our meditation these days. This exercise helps you relax your nerves and muscles. The act of sitting still and simply breathing energizes you from the inside.
Moreover, it helps to increase your concentration and enhances your ability to think positively.

10. Have some Honey

Scientists have discovered that some elements in present honey reduces brain inflammation. This helps to reduce anxiety and keep you healthy.

11. Try some Baking

Who doesn’t love the smell of baked goodness? The smell of cakes and pastries makes you calm, mushy and not to mention hungry!
At the same time, baking your own cake and using your creativity while decorating it creates a sense of empowerment and pride. A stress reliever all the way!

12. Try Self-hypnosis

You will find tons of music that you can listen to, something that will allow you to recondition your mind. This is found to be an excellent way to get rid of stress and re-energize yourself.

13. Playing Games

It can be a board game, card game or a video game. This will definitely take your mind away from all the hassles you have gone through at work.
However, getting engrossed in the game may be counterproductive in relieving stress.

14. Have a Mug of Hot Water

Sounds strange? Well, that’s the old Chinese way of getting rid of all the toxins storing inside your system. Fewer toxins inside your body mean more energy and reduced stress.
Having a mug of plain hot water sounds too boring? Add some lemon or vitamin C for flavor.

15.  Help the Person Next to You

It can be your colleague, your next door neighbor or a good friend. If someone is in need of help and you have the capacity to do something about it, don’t hesitate.
Watching someone benefiting from your afford will definitely make you feel good. Excellent way to get rid of stress.

16. Visit a Museum

Visiting a museum can be quite refreshing. Be close to culture and historic elements of civilization. It is a good way to divert your mind from all kinds of stressful events that you have gone through.

17. Watching Videos of Cute Puppies and Kittens

You can browse YouTube and see videos of cute kittens and puppies. This will reduce your stress level magically and will make you feel great.
Besides, who doesn’t love kittens and puppies?

18. Lie Down Under the Open Sky

Lying down under the open sky at night and watching those glittering stars can be quite relaxing. If you are all stressed, try this to drain out all your negative thoughts.

19. Use Some Air Freshener

The smell of sage, sandalwood, lemon or lavender is great for relaxing your nerves. Use some air freshener in your room that comes with these flavors.

20. Squeeze a Soft Ball

Having a stress-relieving ball is often recommended by psychiatrists as well. Squeezing a ball can help to relax your muscles and relieve your stress.

21. Maintain a Diary

The process is old school but still a great way of reducing stress. Often venting out your emotions or thoughts help with reducing anxiety. Writing down your thoughts is the way to go for that.

22. Try Chewing Gum

Chewing a gum can release stress within a few minutes. Having a minty-fresh breath is an added bonus.

23. Have a Cup of Green Tea

Green tea contains L-Theanine, an ingredient that helps to reduce anger and stress. So have a cup of green tea when you’re burnt out. It will drain all your anxiety out.

24. Talk with an Old Friend

This works for me all the time. If you feel rattled, take up your phone and call an old friend. Talking to them will surely make you feel better.
It is also quite useful to divert your mind from the problems that are driving you crazy.

25. Sniff Some Flowers

This works like the air fresheners mentioned earlier. The smell of flowers works similarly and can relax our nerves.

26. Stretch out

Stretching yourself will surely help to release the stress. At the same time, it will also help to boost your confidence.

27. Organizing Your Place

A messy place is not only depressing to look at; it clearly makes things worse if you are already suffering from anxiety. So re-organize your workspace and room.
Besides, an organized workplace will also boost your productivity.

28. Get Close to Mother Nature

Getting closer to nature is surely refreshing. It drains out negative thoughts. So take a walk to the local park or go for a short vacation to the countryside.
Alternatively, you can put a potted plant in your desk.

29. Alleviate Anxiety through Visualization

You can think of some happy memories or some places that you love visiting. Simply by visualizing those memories can help you alleviate anxiety and put you in a positive mood.

30. Have Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation is one of the common causes of stress. Start developing the habit of going to bed and waking up early. This will more energetic, refreshed and will drain out the stress.

31. Light Some Scented Candles

Candle lights are quite soothing to look at in an indoor environment. The scented ones are even better for putting you in a good mood. You can try it sometime if you think anxiety is getting the better of you.

32. Count Backwards

This is a very old, yet effective technique to calm your mind. If you are feeling exhausted, take a short break. Count from ten backward and you’ll cool down in no time.

33. Jump to the Pool

Let the cold water drive out all your stress. If you are feeling down, take a walk to your local pool. Wear something comfortable and jump right in.

34. Plan a Night Stay

If you are feeling too worked out, call a friend and plan a night stay. Your friend can come over or you can go to his place.
Some light talk, watching a movie or two and fooling around a bit is surely going to help you free up your mind.

35. Let the Fresh Air In

Open the window and allow the fresh air in. Feel the cool breeze on your face and take a deep breath. This is really quite effective to reduce anxiety.

36. Quit with the Self Critical Mood

Sometimes it is productive to reflect on your mistakes, but not always. Don’t be too hard on yourself.
Time to time, take a break being excessively self-critical. Appreciate the things that you have. This will surely boost your self-esteem.

37. Take a Hot Bath

Taking a hot bath is an excellent way to release all your stress. This will relax your muscles and you will feel fresh and light.

38. Stay Away from Negativity

Thinking about all the problems and challenges sometimes create more pressure on our mind. If you want to free yourself from anxiety, stay away from all the negative thoughts.

39. Go for a Picnic

Not into the mood to go to the park all by yourself? Call a few friends or loved ones and ask them to join you for a picnic. This will work magic to free your mind from all the stressful thoughts.

40. Have a Green Corner

I always love to have a green corner in my living room with a couple of chairs. Have one for yourself. Drink a mug of coffee and sit there for a while. It will help you to get recharged.

41. Buy the right Office Furniture

Do you spend long hours at work? Make sure that you have a comfortable desk and sitting arrangement there. Buy a recliner if necessary to avoid back pain.
Longer working hours can give you all kinds of mental and physical stress. So make sure to have the right furniture there to reduce it.

42. Open up your Jaw

If you are feeling too worked up, open up your jaw for thirty seconds and allow the tension to pass out. Breathe through your nose slowly and then gently close your mouth.

43. Read a Book

Choose a quiet place and sit there with a book. Reading is an excellent way to relieve stress. Not to mention, you’ll also increase your knowledge and brain power.

44. Avoid Social Media for a While

Stop stalking people on social media. Allow your brain to take some rest. Instead of drenching yourself in all that data, just lie down and close your eyes for a while.

45. Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination is one of the main sources of all kinds of anxiety. You delayed your work and now the deadline is near. So you are all tensed and worn out. Make sure to avoid this by completing your chores on time.

46. Stop Trying to be a being a Perfectionist

It sounds good sometimes but at the end of the day, there will always be some limitations. Trying to be a perfectionist will only make you unhappy and stressed out. So set realistic standards for yourself.

47. Seek Professional Help

If you think your anxiety is gradually getting out of control, look out for help. Talk to a counselor immediately.

48. Learn to Forgive

Are you holding onto grudges? Are you disturbed by all the “conspiracies” that your colleagues planned behind your back in the past?
Well, no wonder you’re angry and stressed out. Learn to forgive people for their mistakes. Remember, forgiving is a sign of immense inner strength.

49. Try Yoga

Yoga is an excellent way to calm your mind. It will help you to release all the negativity piling up inside you. It’ll not only relax your mind, but it’ll will also help to keep your body in shape.

50. Get a Hobby

Collect some coins, stamps, leaves or even rocks. Keeping a hobby keeps you away from negativity – thus promoting a stress free life.

Final Thoughts

Always remember, there’s light at the end of every tunnel. So be patient and try simple things to reduce stress.
Avoid negative thoughts, work out and embrace Mother Nature. Hang out with your friends and fool around.
Eat healthy and learn to forgive. I am sure you will see your anxiety mellowing down in no time.
Author Bio:
Emily is a content writer at FeedFond. A flagbearer of organic eating and a fitness freak, she’s a healthcyclopedia. To read more of her articles, visit FeedFond.com.

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