Throwing punches in the air might seem pointless, but not in kickboxing. Every punch and kick we throw in kickboxing has meaning: for health, fitness, strength and mind development.

Kickboxing is based on kicking and punching as it is a blend of karate and boxing. You can only use your hands and feet, nothing else.

The historical background of kickboxing reveals that it was initially played to learn self-defense, increase physical fitness and develop body and mind. Over time it has become a famous sports world over.

But it is time to bring back kickboxing to its initial status: a game for physical fitness and body development – significantly for older people.

Yes, older people should not shy away from kickboxing, and here is why:

Improved Moments:

Kickboxing involves swift and powerful movements. Your whole body feels a gush of energy when you produce even a single movement. It is about generating power, and when we say power, it means force and speed.

Older people often like to spend retired life snoozing in their armchair or reading newspaper. They have spent their life working, so now they want to enjoy their free life – it is understandable.

But it enfeebles their muscles.

Kickboxing not only creates strength but also strengthens their muscles which improves mobility and body movements.

Enjoying retired life is fun, but isn’t it more fun if this enjoyment comes with a fit body and mind – right?

Healthy Organs:

Now kickboxing school in Downingtown also offers special cardio kickboxing training because kickboxing makes organs healthy.

Old age brings along illnesses and unhealthy organs. Our body also gets worn out like other things – this is the rule of nature. We cannot fight against it, but we can slow down this wilting process for sure.

How? Shout out to kickboxing!

Kickboxing is based on short but intense moments. You quickly and intensely kick for a short period, and this bout action is more beneficial than running for half an hour or more.

Studies on high-intensity interval training show that short, but high-intensity actions are beneficial for the health of heart and lungs than long, but less-intense training.

Improves Balance:

Kickboxing has strong neuromuscular benefits. Older people often face issues of poor coordination between brain and muscles. Lifting a TV remote or taking the next step becomes an issue for them.

The poor body and brain coordination results in slow actions and sometimes falls.

Kickboxing balances body and mind which sharpens the reflexes and improves actions. The better judgment of reaction lessens the incidences of fall and consequent injuries.

After all, you finally got your long awaited retirement life; you cannot spend it on the bed after falling.

Isn’t this the Best Old Age Activity?

Picking up an activity for your old age is an issue. You think of many things, cut down majority of them, and mostly end up picking none. And this attitude is the cause of many problems.

Old age is not a ticket to say goodbye to the physical activities.

You should indulge in some physical activity for a healthy life. And what can be better than kickboxing which brings so many fitness perks?

You live once, make sure your life is beautiful till the end!


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