how to have a killer workout

how to have a killer workout

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The Keys To A Killer Workout (My Pre-Workout Ritual To Break PRs)

If you rush to the gym unprepared you’re going to have a mediocre workout – like everything, if you prepare correctly you will excel when the time comes. Winners are always planning ahead, why would you enter an endeavour blindly?

The 6 steps below form my pre workout ritual, if you want to smash through your next workout give these steps a try, you won’t be disappointed with the results.

1) Shower

Warm showers are nice and relaxing no doubt, but that’s not the way we want to prep for our workout. A 5 minute cold shower will leave you feeling invigorated and ready to smash the weights.

Cold showers have also been proven to have many health benefits such as relieving depression, increasing testosterone levels, improving the condition of hair and skin as well as being a great discipline and character building exercise.

2) Nutrients

Roughly an hour before commencing my workout I consume a small meal comprised of 30 grams of carbohydrates and 30 grams of protein; this is generally 1 scoop of whey protein concentrate and a rice cake or too with natural peanut butter. Training fasted works well when performing cardio in the morning, however in order to push your body to the limit and maintain the highest intensity possible fuelling your body with a small meal an hour or so before your workout will offer the best results.

3) Focus

Clear your mind; disregard all the bullshit going on at your job, in your relationships and any other worries that are currently on your mind. From the moment you set off on your journey to the gym (whether this be by car, bus or foot) disregard your phone, social media and any other distractions. It’s time to laser focus on the task at hand.

4) Review

Do not walk into the gym blindly.

Have your workout planned out in advance, know which exercises you need to perform, how many sets and repetitions along with the weight you’re going for this session.  Visualize yourself completing each set before you even pick up the weights.

I personally recommend getting a gym notebook to log and plan your workouts in, however you can use the Notepad app on your phone or similar should you wish (I find pen and paper easier to track back and view previous sessions as opposed to messing around with my phone.

5) Stimulate

30 minutes before training I consume my homemade pre workout supplement. Why waste money on a commercial product that contains under dosed ingredients and ingredients that aren’t scientifically proven to increase performance hidden under a ‘matrix’ – a proprietary blend loophole that allows supplement companies to hide the dosages of ingredients within.

Throw the following in a shaker with 400ml of water:

200 – 350mg of caffeine

5g of beta alanine

8g of citrulline malate

Flavoring of your choice (Gatorade/powerade etc.)

6) Playlist

As the final touch the headphones or earphones go on and my workout playlist commences.

Set yourself up with an assortment of songs (or download a playlist, I use this site here) If there’s only a few songs that motivate you put these together on a new playlist and set them to repeat, do not waste time shuffling through individual songs once your workout commences).

Now you’ve got your workout planned out, you feel invigorated from your cold shower. The pre workout is kicking in as laser focus takes over, you’ve shut off the external world and you’re ready to kill it…


  1. Some more keys to a KILLER WORKOUT:

    1. Stay off the cell phone.

    2. Knock off the chit chat sessions with other people.

    3. Quit taking selfies in the mirror.

    4. Quit taking too many breaks and too long of breaks in between sets.
    5. Get rid of the girly little workout gloves that you think make you look tougher than everyone else in the gym. Your hands need some calluses so you can have manly hands.

    6. USE PROPER FORM. If you’re twisting your body and shit, the weight is too heavy. NO ONE CARES if you use light weights. You’re not there to impress the girls either. Don’t go for the heaviest shit. If you do otherwise, you’re only wasting time and cheating yourself.

    6. Save time and kill your muscles by doing SUPER SETS: 3 – 4 exercises on the same muscle group with no more than 15 -20 seconds of rest in between each one. (Example: Biceps: 10 dumbbell Hammer Curls on each arm, then straight into 10 regular dumbbell curls, then on to 10 curls using a curling bar or straight bar, then finish up 5 – 10 more regular dumbbell curls.) And that’s only 1 set! Do 4 – 5 sets. In 15 minutes, you’ll pound that muscle group harder than someone who works out for an hour. (I knock out 3 muscle groups in 30 minutes and get insane results)

    7. Don’t start counting reps UNTIL IT HURTS – because that’s where it counts. You can do 100 reps but if you’re not dying from the burn or in pain, LIKE A MAN, then you won’t see the results you’re looking for.

    Other than that, great article bud!


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