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If you are struggling to keep your beard in great shape or you just started to let your facial hair grow and have some issues, this information will help you to grow and maintain a thick, strong, healthy beard. Beard grooming today is easy with all the tools and products available, but one of the keys to a manly beard is information. Here are a few tips and tricks that will keep your facial hair looking amazing and help you grow your beard as long as you like.

1. The Key Here is Patience

The key to that epic beard is developing the self-restraint to be able to let the hair grow out those early days. As the facial hair starts growing, you must resist all temptations to style or trim the beard, leaving it untouched for at least the first 4 to 6 weeks. Not only will the facial hair grow more evenly, you can more effectively choose a style that matches your face and will suit the thickness and length you have achieved to that point.

2. Matching Your Facial Hair to Your Face

This might sound obvious, but many guys go for beard styles that simply do not flatter their face shape. Once the hair has begun growing in evenly, you can better decide how the beard complements the surrounding areas. Depending on the shape of your face, you can sculpt the beard to help bring out your best features.

3. Knowing When and How to Trim a Beard

Now that the beard has filled in and you know which style you prefer, now comes the grooming part. The best thing to do here is to invest in a high-quality beard trimmer because you will certainly be using it often.

Practice trimming at a longer setting so you take off the hair in smaller pieces and see how things are developing as you trim. Once you get comfortable with the trimmer, you can speed up the trimming time down the road.

4. Washing Your Beard Regularly

One of the most important things you can do in the early stages of your beard growth is to wash your beard regularly. Washing with an organic beard wash will remove trapped foods and rinse away dead skin cells that could lead to itchiness.

Use your beard wash in the shower like you would shampoo on your head, then pat dry the beard to eliminate any frizzing or split ends.

5. Styling with Beard Oil

Once you have gently dried your beard, now is the time to work in some beard oil for controlling wild hairs. Put a small amount of beard oil in your palms and rub it through the beard and all the way down to the skin below. Conditioning your beard each day will make it shinier and softer, and much easier to manage that night.

The beard oil will make running a beard comb or brush through the hair a more pleasurable experience, eliminating you from pulling out or breaking hairs in the process.

6. Styling Your Beard like an Expert

Now that your beard is filling out, washed, and conditioned, now comes the training part. In order to maintain that sharp look, it is important you work to keep that beard and all those wild hairs in line. Gently running a beard comb or brush through the hair will go a long way in training those hairs to grow in a certain direction and in uniform too.

Brushing your beard not only trains those hairs to follow in a certain direction, it can remove food particles, dead skin, and allergens that get easily trapped in your beard.

7. Working All Your Facial Hair

Unless you have decided to go with the chinstrap beard style, you must also take care of the mustache in order to pull off that epic beard look.

Don’t put all that effort in styling your beard and then simply let that hair under your nose grow wild. Trim under your nostrils, shape the mustache so it aligns with the rest of the beard, and keep it looking neat when you trim the rest of your facial hair. Invest in a good pair of nose trimmers and scissors, so you can easily sculpt that area with ease.

One important step that could make or break you beard is eating right. Your beard will only be as strong and manly as the foods you are fueling your body with. If you want healthy facial hair, you need to be eating more healthy fats and proteins, the building blocks for strong and resilient hair.

Incorporate more milk, egg yolks, nuts, and lean meats into your diet, and before you know it you will have a beard that is the talk of the town.


  1. Pretty cool post. I couldn’t agree more with you. Having a beard is not simple. You need some experience and some products deffinitely make some difference. I didn’t know about food influence. I have to dig into that. Thanks for the pust Sean.


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