To Anyone Who Just Finished Fapping

Have you ever had that thought?

“It started off as an itch, and now I am 6 wanks deep and full of remorse…”

To Anyone Who Just Finished Fapping 1
If you say no I’m pretty sure you’re lying to yourself, we’ve all been there.
So my question to you bro is this: How many hours have you spent fapping off to porn sites today? Or even better, how many hours have you spent fapping in your life?
Let’s do the math, if you had sex with your hand for 1 hour a day on average for last 10 years, that is 3650 hours of your life of blowing your loads to pixels on the screen. Hours that you’re never getting back bro, and you’ve not been even aware…
But maybe you’re more extreme than that huh? If you’ve been fapping for 3 hours every day for last 10 years, that adds up to more then 10.000 hours of your life my friend.
It takes 10.000 hours of deliberate practice to master anything.
Let’s ponder about what you could have accomplished in that time if you had the motivation that no-fap gives you and rechanneled this energy into more productive activities.
You could have been:
1) Self-Employed
2) A world champion MMA Fighter
3) A Professional Writer
4) A millionaire
5) Banging actual girls
And this is just scratching a surface of a surface of what would have been possible for you if you stopped wasting your precious time and energy and simply rechanneled it into more productive activities then porn.
Whatever your dream is, you could have already accomplished it if you haven’t taken a massive detour into the land of unlimited sexual gratification.
But you didn’t! Why?
Cause you would rather waste your life away…
1 day at a time.
1 hour at a time.
1 video at a time.
Aren’t you sick of it? Aren’t you disgusted with yourself? Don’t you want more out of life then to just be a slave to images of girls on the screen?
I know it sounds pretty bad, but the good news is that you can always turn it around…
It’s not all lost…
Now that you had this powerful realization, you can do something about it. Trust me you will feel so much better on no-fap. You will unlock so much time, energy and vitality you won’t recognize yourself in the mirror.
Nofap is one of the greatest transformational tools out there.
But don’t take my word for it. Give it a shot for 1 short week. Let’s do a quick experiment… Note how you feel today and then see how you will feel in one week of trying no-fap. You will be horny as hell of course, but there lies your power.
The horniness you trying to get rid off is your masculine force that can be forged into anything you want.
It can be rechanneled as it gives you the motivation to go to the gym, talk to girls and ace your grades at school or be productive at work.
increase your confidence
But let’s come back to reality. Right now you are an avid fapper, cause it easier to jack off and do nothing with your life. I get it gives you pleasure… but what is the price you pay for that?
Have you ever heard the saying: “If you do what’s easy – life’s gonna be hard, and if you do what’s hard – life’s gonna be easy
It’s easier to just ignore all your problems, have sex with your hand on a daily basis and flip a finger to the world. But it’s hard to live with life that is the outcome of that.
And you know that’s true! Why?
Think about it… have you ever said to yourself after a massive porn binge – “that was the best use of my time, I’m glad I did that”. I doubt it…
More likely it was something along the lines of – “oh god I did it again… what is wrong with me?” (as you were wiping your hand off and closing off all the tabs that were opened simultaneously).
You’re a smart person man, you could easily be a winner, if you figured out what it takes to win, and implemented the habits of success as well as remove the habits that lead you to fail in life.
And yes, you guessed it, one of the habits that leads you to fail is fapping.
Bottom line is that you can change it, but dude listen… you don’t have any more time! Maybe you tried not fapping for a bit. A half-assed effort that lead you to a relapse after a week or two. You just tried to no-fap, without filling the void it left behind with a purpose and that never works.
It’s time to fix your life. If you’re not gonna fix it, who is gonna do it? You have to understand, that you’re running out of options! You don’t have any more time.
Every day you are presented with a wonderful opportunity to grow yourself, your skills, your business, set yourself up for the rest of your life, but you were blind to it.
Blinded by the flashiness of porn.
It’s time to take a stand and change your life now my friend. Take it seriously man, take it as if your life depended on it. And in a sense it does.
The bottom line is:
If you want your life to change, you need to change.

Artur Kot

Artur Kot

I help men evolve into a person they want to become by giving them a personalized roadmap to success.

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  1. Julia

    If you cannot balance your life because of masturbation you have far bigger problems stopping masturbation will not cure. :/

  2. Ayush Tiwari

    Life is better when you are not jerking off and watching porn. Get off that shit and do something meaningful with your life.

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