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I don’t know if you’ve noticed – but mens sweats don’t look quite like they used too.

It’s like manufacturers have gotten stingy with the material and decided that there a sweat pant ration going on.

The new look is joggers and there starting to pop up everywhere.


Springing to life sometime in 2013, joggers are a hit.

And you can see pretty much every rapper, pop start and athlete rocking these pants.

But what’s so great about them – and should you jump on the bandwagon?

When joggers are great

Like everything (besides bacon), joggers have their ups and downs.

But there are many situations when joggers outshine traditional sweatpants.

1) When your dress down is better than his dress up

I just like the fact how when I’m lounging around, I still look good.

I can run out to the store and I feel more dapper than most guys who got ready and put on actual jeans. That to me is improvement.

Zanerobe have a a lot of pairs that will achieve this look, but they are pricey.

2) The casual date

Yes its true. We finally live in a world where it’s okay to wear sweatpants out on a date. We made it!

Maybe not a first date, but wearing joggers may actually make you look trendy and dressy.

They make chino joggers, which confuse the hell out of everyone because they don’t know if their pants or sweatpants. But you know what they are.

I have a pair of joggers from East Dane that do just that.

Showing up to a third date to the movies in a pair of joggers like this:

sexy joggers

Is going to show that you’re not trying to impress her, but you give a shit about the way you look.

3) You don’t have to drop a buck for nice joggers

Yes, joggers in general are quite expensive, especially if you go with designer brands.

But now that they’ve been out for a year, you don’t have to drop $100.00 + for a nice pair. Yes, the more expensive ones definitely add a touch of class to your look, but stores like Pac Sun are offering great looking joggers for around $50.00.

4) You can pretend to wear jeans

They make joggers that look like every type of pants, and their pretty convincing.

Jean fabric, chino, sweatpants, leather you name it. There is a pair of joggers for you.

denim joggers5) And you can actually jog in them

To me, the best thing about joggers, is that their amazing to jog in!

You won’t see most people doing this, but playing soccer or working out in your pricey joggers is fantastic.

The fact that they cut off at the ankle allows them to be for me, one of the best workout pants other than shorts. And it beats wearing mens capri’s (please don’t).

You get a full range of motion and they fit snug like workout clothes should.

It kind of sucks spending $50.00 + on workout pants, but if you think about it, shorts from Dicks Sporting Goods are just as much now.

So joggers definitely have their ups, but like I said before – they certainly have their downs.

When Joggers Suck

1) When it’s super cold out

Sweatpants used to be there to keep you warm when the wintery months came. And while jogger do help, they keep your ankles exposed!

blue joggers

Seems kind of counter productive.

Granted, you could wear a pair of crew socks underneath, this takes away a lot of the flair. You don’t see them being modeled this way do you?

So it seems that joggers are pretty much built for indoor scenarios, or when it’s not too hot and not too cold. Which is not too convenient.

2) When you should be dressed up

Like I mentioned above, joggers can be made to dress up casual. But there are certain times when you should be wearing real chino’s, not jogger chino’s!

So please, don’t show up to a wedding in joggers. They are still in fact sweatpants.

3) When they are overpriced

Even though you definitely can find joggers for cheap, they still don’t match up to the prices of regular sweatpants.

It seems that because of the rapper induced representation they have, joggers are an expensive commodity. This can be viewed as a negative, but then again most guys don’t wear them, which can be viewed as a positive.

4) They really only cater to the thin

Joggers don’t exist in non skinny version, which pretty much rules out any heavy set dudes.

So if you really want a pair of joggers, hit the streets and start losing some pounds.

Where to Buy Joggers

Joggers can be found pretty much anywhere. But these are my recommendations.

1) If you’ve got the cash

If you’ve got enough money to splurge, check out East Dane, since they pretty much have EVERY designer brand in one place, boasting every type of clothing.

They have sweet joggers in the $100 -$200 range and I have purchased from here with great results.

2) If you don’t yet have the cash

If you’re still working on building your empire, then you don’t want to be dropping $150 on a pair of joggers.

Pac Sun has sweet joggers for $50.00.

Other retail stores have them now also for cheap, but I just like the ones from Pac Sun better.

Closing Thoughts

Joggers certainly aren’t for everyone.

You won’t see the burliest of men walking around with hairy chests a lumber jack jacket and a tight pair of joggers. And that’s okay.

But there is definitely a class of trendy men out there that joggers cater too, and I look forward to seeing how the sweatpants evolves in the future.

So tell us what you think of joggers and the dudes who wear them below!


  1. I got some joggers for $14 at Walmart. They are not name brand but they fit really well and im not a skinny guy. Im a soccer player and these pants help while running. They came in black, grey, camo, and tan.

  2. Joggers are best footwear to buy these are available at cheap prices of £2 from chinese online stores these are most comfortable among other shoe forms.


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