Everyone knows that jiu-jitsu is a famous martial art that originates from Brazil and that it’s based mostly on grappling and ground fighting. Many people find it extremely aggressive, but the fact is that it has so many benefits that make it completely worth all the effort.

If you want to know how to improve yourself as a person through this sport, just keep on reading. Here are five amazing benefits of jiu-jitsu, so check them out!


1) It Improves Your Mental Abilities

Apart from its obvious physical benefits, jiu-jitsu can also improve your mental abilities to a great extent. First of all, the overall process of mastering this martial art is really extensive, which means that it takes a lot of time, sweat, and effort.

Learning and applying a particular technique can be really challenging, and giving up is certainly the easiest thing to do. However, persevering in your attempts to be successful is what counts most, and that’s what can strengthen your spirit and help you succeed.


2) It Teaches You to Seize Opportunities

If you’re familiar with jiu jitsu, you surely know that it can sometimes be really hard to decide whether to take the leap or not. Stepping outside their comfort zone can be extremely stressful and nerve-racking for so many people, which is why they choose to stay right where they are, without taking any chances.

On the other hand, if you don’t dare to try, how can you know is it worth it or not? Jiu-jitsu can be helpful here since it teaches you to closely observe your surroundings and carefully look for options. Once you learn to identify them, you’ll be more willing to take another step and seize your opportunities without hesitating – not only in jiu-jitsu but also generally in life.


3) It Boosts Your Self-Confidence

Once your skills improve and you become much better in jiu-jitsu, you’ll see an improvement in your self-confidence as well. Apart from teaching you to seize opportunities, stepping outside your comfort zone also boosts your self-esteem by helping you solve some problems and challenging situations in an unconventional way.

No matter how tricky the situation may be, you’ll find a way to get out of it as a winner, which will inevitably boost your confidence and make you feel fantastic about yourself. Before writing this article, I’ve asked guys from BJJ gym in Sydney for their opinion, and they said that jiu-jitsu classes are a great way for kids to build their self-esteem and therefore deal with potential bullies.

Finding the right timing, angle, and distance is what they’ll learn in jiu-jitsu classes, which is a great basis for forming their character and helping them overcome all the obstacles later in life.


4) It Teaches You Discipline And Patience

As already stated, the right timing and rhythm are essential for a good jiu-jitsu technique, which means that an impatient player who hurries to make a move is likely to be the unsuccessful one.If you simply can’t wait to execute a lock or a throw, you’ll probably end up making a wrong move, and even the right move executed in a wrong time won’t make a difference, since you probably won’t accomplish anything with it.

That’s exactly why you should work on your patience and self-discipline so that you can learn to make the right decisions – even if you have to wait to make something happen. Bear in mind that jiu-jitsu is an art that lets smaller players win against stronger and larger opponents, which can be done only if they carefully think everything through.


5) It Teaches You To Relax And Let Go Of Anything That Causes Anxiety

Even though jiu-jitsu training is more rigorous than other martial arts, it’s known for reducing your stress levels and helping you unwind to the max. People who have already practiced it claim that it’s a wonderful way to alleviate stress from their work and life in general, and it’s definitely one of the best ways to let go of anything that causes anxiety.

Yes, many people see jiu-jitsu as a really aggressive type of exercise, but that’s exactly what makes it so relieving. No matter how upset or frustrated you are, trust me – you’ll feel relaxed and at peace once you’re done with your training session!

As you can see, jiu-jitsu can really help you improve and make tremendous progress on a more personal level, by enhancing your mental abilities, boosting your self-confidence, teaching you to seize opportunities and be more patient and disciplined, and helping you relax to the max.

Once you realize that practicing it has so many benefits, you’ll be thrilled to sign up for jiu-jitsu classes and experience those benefits first-hand.


  1. Jiu Jitsu is originally from Japan and includes fighting both standing and on the ground (grappling). BJJ a far more modern version of Jiu Jitsu, also known as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, with is primary focus on grappling, is from Brazil.


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