is playing the lottery a waste of money

Is playing the lottery a waste of money? I used to play. 4 mega millions a week, and a $30 scratch of the first sunday of the month. $56 dollars a month, for the chance for millions. But I never saw those millions.

Was my investment a waste of time? Were my intentions and motivations completely wrong? Was I in the complete wrong state of mind?

The answer? A simple yes. Take a look at this infographic, and an explanation below it, to why if you’re playing the lottery, your mind is in the complete wrong place.

is playing the lottery a waste of money

This infographic really opens up your eyes to how horrible the odds of winning the lottery are. But this is not the reason why I believe playing the lottery is one of the worst things you can do. I don’t care what the odds are, it goes a lot deeper than that.

The reasons why playing the lottery is such a bad thing is for 2 main reasons, the second being most important.

1) The money you spend on the lottery is hard earned money that can go towards something useful, instead of in the government’s pockets.

a) It could go towards advertising for your business

b) It could buy you an extra blog post that month

c) You could find a millions ways for that $56 to propel you forward

So ask yourself, “can the money I am spending on the lottery be going to great use elsewhere?” Yes, the dream of instant wealth is tempting, but the chances of that happening are absurdly low. Instead invest in yourself. Because at the end of the day, when you earn your riches, it will be a much greater wealth.

2) Regardless of the money, even if the odds were much better, the lottery is not the place to put your hopes.

As Joe Rogan said in one of his greatest podcasts.

“The lottery will ruin you. You have to earn it.” – Joe Rogan

I agree 100%. If you are hoping to win the lottery, you are in the wrong place in your life. You shouldn’t give a shit about the lottery. You shouldn’t need it.

Fact: If you are playing the lottery then you are hoping to change your life. Successful millionaires don’t play the lottery, people who love the lives they have don’t play the lottery. If you are playing the lottery you want to change your life but are putting those hopes of change on a 1 in 175,223,510 chance.

That doesn’t sound very good. The odds are your life will never change, as most don’t.

If you want to change your life, you shouldn’t be hoping someone does it for you. You should be making it happen. This is 100% a shift in thinking. Ask any successful entrepreneur. They may have played the lottery for years, but as soon as they decided to change their life and actively make their success happen, the lottery didn’t even exist to them.

You can’t have both.

If you are truly making the efforts to live the life you want, you will lose that hope to win that lifestyle, because you will know you are making it happen.

So i’m an avid powerball player. Should I just stop?

If you are banking on winning the lottery and hoping day in and day out you can, to escape the life you are living, then this is the biggest sign that you need to take action. You can escape your life and live how you want, but the odds are (see above), its not going to be from the lottery. Its going to be from years of hard work.

What you need to do is focus on finding a way to bring value to people. Where value exists, money will follow. So forget about the money, forget about the lotto. Focus your efforts on bringing value to people in an area that you have some expertise in. If you truly commit to it, the odds that you will achieve the life you want will be a lot higher than they were playing the lottery. 

And you will enjoy it. No amount of prize money will ever give you the sense of pride and success earning it yourself will.

So simply ask yourself. Am I gonna keep pumping money into a dream of living the life I want until I die? Or am I gonna go out and make that dream a reality?


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  1. Hey whats up man since ive been on my days off from work ive had more time to read more articals on here and i have a few questions. You youreself created this site? and if so are you also a successful entruapanure? sorry about my spealling.(its horrible i know) ive been struggling to succeed for the longest time since i caught a D.W.I. That really hurt my pockets since then ive been trying to pay off money i owe to make it. Any way besides making a website how else can i make it?

    • Arturo what’s up man,

      My story is a long one, but I will try to make it short. I was faced with some very difficult challenges about 3 years ago and my life literally fell apart. I spent the last 3 years building myself up and have become a much better person because of it.

      I have been partaking in my personal development for the last year or so, and have learned so much along the way so I decided to create this site 6 months ago to help others who are interested in the same thing, like yourself. I found a few good people to work with and here we are now.

      I wouldn’t yet consider myself a “successful entrepreneur” financially, but I have grown personally to levels I never knew existed. I consider myself a lifestyle entrepreneur in the fact that I am working 100% everyday towards being able to escape my 9-5 mechanical engineering job and travel and live the life I want.

      Whether that’s from this website or another one of my ventures is yet to be known.

      The best advice I can give you at the point I am at now is to just start somewhere. Starting is huge, and even though what you start at probably won’t be what makes you your money, it is what will progress you to what will. This is not my first site, my first one that I started it all with a year ago failed and was very bad. But I learned a lot and created this, which I feel great about.

      Most people don’t know where to start, so they never do. Think about what you are passionate about and then find a way to bring value to others through that passion. Don’t focus on money, focus on value and if you can bring people value the money will come.

      Tried to keep it relatively short haha

      But hope that helps.

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  3. I don’t play the lottery.. I’d rather work a full day and get paid than hope to get something back after paying forward… its better to earn the money, and have something to show for it!


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