is it selfish to be happy

This is a post by Adrian Landsberg, who started The Lifestyle Compound for his love of entrepreneurship and travel. In October 2103 he quit his job of ten years to chase his dream of going on a multi-country, bucket list smashing mission. Recently he has bungee jumped naked, walked the most dangerous hike in the world and trekked to Mount Everest Base camp. Adrian enjoys writing about building passive income, self improvement, travelling and living a life full of fun and passion.

Who doesn’t want to be happy ? I do, you do, we all do. Is it selfish to be happy ?

I don’t think so at all. Let’s say you want to make someone else happy, it’s pretty hard to make someone else smile if your not happy yourself, right ?

So don’t neglect your own happiness and don’t believe anyone that tells you you shouldn’t be trying to make yourself a better life. If you’re doing it to enjoy life more then your happiness will rub off on others.

Understand ? If you’re not enjoying your existence then you won’t want to be around people and, well no ones going to want to be around you.

Work on your happiness and you will be able to help other people around you. Take a look at these 7 things in life that will make you happy and I guarantee if you adopt at least a few you will be a happier person.

1) Surround yourself with great people

Friends, family, the old man across the street, whoever. If they are positive people that you ENJOY being around then make sure you associate with them often.

Having great people in you life should be one of your life’s most treasured gifts. Whenever your feeling down you may have that one friend that you know can always put a smile on your face.

2) Have some sense of freedom

This will mean different things to different people. It could be some cash in the bank, having a longer weekend here and there or just being able to do what you want when you wake up.

Freedom is one of the most important words in my own vocabulary and I use it often because for me it sums up what I want my life to be full of.

3) Good health

If you lost everything tomorrow except your health then at least you’d be alive right? If we have our health then we have LIFE.

Look after your body and well being and it will look after you. Unfortunately the world contains disease, but if you can look after yourself as best as you can then you will give yourself the best chance of living a healthy lifestyle.

Eat right, exercise and get enough sleep, it really is simple.

4) Smile

Smiling gives you a great feeling, and while it is such an easy thing to do, we don’t do it enough.

I’ve been trying an exercise lately to always give yourself a big smile when you get up in the morning. Even if I’m not happy about something I’ve found that as soon as I do smile it actually does lift my mood immediately.

I start to think of why my life is good and why I should be happy.

Try it. It works.

5) Have something to chase

Goals, dreams and desires. You gotta have something to chase in life no matter how small or big.

If you don’t have a dream then you aren’t living life. Giving yourself something to look forward to keeps your mind fresh and alive.

I can’t stress this enough. ALWAYS have that burning desire to achieve and excel at something.

It’s a great way to live life.

6) Be thankful for what you’ve got

So often we think of what we don’t have and get unhappy. What about what you do have?

Nearly half of the worlds population live on $2 a day. Do you have more than that?

Chances are you do, if you have an internet connection then you are probably doing better than that. Look around you and think about what you DO HAVE. Do you have a roof over your head, great family and friends, food to eat and freedom of choice?

I don’t want this to stop you from chasing your dreams, as of course you should be chasing them like a madman, but for those times when your feeling down, try thinking about the good stuff in your life.

7) Try Giving Back

I’ve found that for the times when I may be feeling a little down, doing something for someone else has an instant, awesome, gratifying feeling that you’ve done something for someone else.

Sometimes I would think; “But if I feel like shit then I need to do something for me”. But it’s not always like that.

Just opening the door for someone, giving away some money or spending some time with someone that you know would appreciate it can be the best way to make yourself happy.

In conclusion

Those are my 7 key virtues to being happy. Sp when you’re feeling down, look back over these pointers. I think they really are the key to having a beautiful, fulfilling life that is full of happiness. And remember, it is not selfish to be happy. Just make sure you share it with the world.

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  1. very nice post! i hope i read it earlier this day, LOL, seriously.
    today i have miserable day. almost whole day, and i want to share with all of you guys, this could be turn to positive one just in few minutes i record my voice, looking for the root problem and solution, listen to it, and again repeat it. i repeat it three times and i surprise to realise my stressed level is lower significantly. i can hear my voice become more powerful from time to time and there is certainty there.

    maybe this is technical thing effective to reduce stress level, it works for me, and we still need to do the 7 key, great post adrian


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