Inked No More: A Second Chance for Tattooed Skin

Tattoos are a form of art. Your skin is a canvas and getting inked is a way of expressing yourself in a visually artistic manner. This cultural form has existed in numerous cultures around the world for hundreds of years
In most of these cultures, tradition dictates that only men, specifically warriors, are granted a tattoo as a reward for their heroic deeds. In the modern age, a lot of mobsters still practice that tradition, the most famous of which is a teardrop tattoo. Arguably, this is where some prejudices about having a tattoo came from. But the truth of the matter is, how you choose to accentuate your skin is entirely up to you. Your body your choice, right?

Why get a tattoo in the first place? 

The top reason people get tattoos is to immortalize their significant other and surprisingly, this is also the top reason why people decide to remove their tattoos. Not all romantic relationships last forever. Surely you felt strongly when you decided to have that person’s face or name tattooed on you and you should also gather the same strength to have it removed and move on.
Because of the social stigma that is usually attributed to inking your skin, having a tattoo is frowned upon in most corporate workplaces. Bummer, I know, but if keeping quiet about it and putting on concealer isn’t cutting it, you might be upset to have your tattoo removed for a better employment opportunity. 
Another reason why people get tattoos—and this is also illogical but who cares—is when they’re drunk. It might be a fun idea along with the seven shots of tequila that you just took, but once your head clears after a terrible hangover and you find a terribly smudged image on your shoulder, you can always have it removed ASAP. Hey, it’s better than receiving a text from someone several months later saying that you’re the father of their child, right?

Tattoo removal, anyone? 

 Nowadays, we have a lot of ways of removing a once memorable tattoo that—due to recent experiences—has rendered itself more of a painful reminder than something that you can be proud to show off. The most popular way of removing your ink is through laser. This is probably the most sought after procedure done by people who want to forget a bitter memory associated with the tattoo. 
An ink’s color comes from different pigments that are chemically produced. Although these pigments are generally safe, removing them might need some kind of special attention. Professional laser tattoo removal is vital to make sure that these pigments, including their chemicals, are safely and completely removed from your body. It’s important that you learn more about the procedure and consult a professional such as the skincare experts at before you book a tattoo removal.
Plastic surgery is also another way, although it’s a bit more expensive and requires an extensive healing process. The results are much smoother, especially if the guidelines set by the cosmetic surgeon are followed. When it comes to at-home tattoo removal, there are creams and scrubs you can apply yourself, but it may take some time before the ink fully disappears. At the end of the day, you can always just cover it up with simple concealer.
Tattoos are art, there is no question of that. They represent so much emotion and they definitely can trigger memories. Because of this, individuals should really think through their decision to get inked. Though tattoos can be removed safely and effectively, the process might be more costly than getting a tattoo in the first place.

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