Injured At Work: 10 Things To Know About Workers’ Compensation

Many people overlook the importance of insurance. While there are so many kinds of insurance policies to cover different scenarios, a few kinds of insurance coverage stand out; one of them is workers compensation. Let us look at the facts that you need to know about this kind of insurance.

  • It Is a Requirement Of Law

The law requires every employer to provide compensation for an employee that is injured in the workplace. Therefore, this is your right and not a privilege as many people feel.

  • The Procedure is Straightforward

The procedure for filing a claim after getting injured in the workplace is a pretty straightforward process. However, the system has requirements depending on the circumstances. The process can become complicated, requiring the expertise of legal experts in the field.

  • Each State Has Different Requirements

States, even cities have individual requirements when it comes to workers’ compensation. It is therefore vital that you have representation from the proper attorney. For instance, in Georgia, you need to look for Georgia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers to assist you to get what you deserve.

  • It Is Not Directed to the Employer

The insurance claim is similar to a claim you take against an auto company. You file a claim that is directed to the employer’s carrier that provides coverage. You don’t sue the company in this case, but the carrier.

  • Your Claim Can Be Denied

You should understand that the carrier takes time to review your case for legitimacy because fraudulent cases have been on the rise. Depending on the circumstances, the carrier can decide to reject your application for compensation or review it and give you a new proposition. You need a lawyer to help you at this stage because the insurance company employs experts to take down your claim.

  • It Is Only Viable if it Occurs Within The Property

Workers compensation won’t apply to you if you were on your way to work. If you were travelling to your workplace when the injury happened, you are not liable for compensation insurance. Note that if it happens when you are on the way to a job assigned to you by the employer, you qualify for compensation.

  • Intentional Misconduct Might Not Be Covered

The law covers injuries sustained by intentional misconduct up to a certain point. If you were goofing around with a colleague when the injury happened, you might either be compensated or not. The case is evaluated critically before a decision is made.

  1. You Can Use Your Own Doctor, But Not Always
    After a work-related injury, different states handle the issue differently. Some allow you to choose a doctor after the first few days, say 10. Before this, you have to use the doctor that the company provides.


  • You Need to Act Fast

One of the mistakes many workers do that puts the claim in jeopardy is failing to report the injury when it happens. Every law has its own requirements regarding the time you need to report the incident. Some give you 30 days some less or more. Whatever the case, you need to take time to understand the law of the state regarding the reporting time.

  • Seek Medical Care

Many male employees try to “shake off” the injury so that they don’t lose their jobs. If you wait several days before seeking medical attention, your claim becomes suspicious, and the employer might treat it so.

In Closing
Knowing the facts about workers compensation insurance makes it easy to follow the procedure and make it successful. Don’t forget to work with a legal expert right from the start to increase the possibility of a successful claim.

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