Whether you spend most of your time at home or only visit a few hours every day for a meal and some sleep, this space is incredibly important. If you’re spending hours in a cluttered den or come home to chaos after work, the experience will have a negative effect on your mind and body. Make these five changes to your home to improve your life.

Redo Your Interior Design

If you’re ever suffering cabin fever or feel like you need a change of scenery, give your interior a new look. Even something as simple as rearranging furniture can give your home a makeover and help you feel recharged and organized. More involved but still simple changes include painting a wall a new color or adding some new throws or an area rug.

Get Better Sleep With a Humidifier

Sounder sleep will improve your life in myriad ways, from an improved mood to more energy and a better outlook on life. But sometimes there’s more than the alarm clock keeping you from getting the sleep that you need. Try using a humidifier to improve the air quality in your home. This may help you get better sleep, and it can mitigate issues like dry cough and heavy snoring.

Buy Some House Plants

Houseplants are another must if you’re interested in improving your air quality. Indoor plants absorb carbon dioxide and several other volatile organic compounds, leaving you with cleaner air. Garden mums, spider plants, and dracaena are a few of the best plants for indoor air purification.


If you feel like you just need some room to breathe, the problem might be literal. A cluttered home tends to be cramped and dusty and can leave you feeling claustrophobic. Consider a thorough decluttering to:

  • Free up space in your home.
  • Clean and reduce the likelihood of dust buildup in the future.
  • Earn some income by selling items you no longer need.

Decluttering will help you stay organized, and if you plan on redoing your interior design, it can give you much more space to work with. Especially if you spend lots of time at home, recycling or selling things that you no longer need can leave you feeling much more relaxed and in control of your space.

New Insulation

Do you know how long it’s been since the insulation in your home was installed? Or even when it was last checked? Updating the insulation can help your home retain a comfortable temperature year-round. It will result in less wasted energy as well, thus lowering your utility bills. It’s also one of the best renovations you can perform in terms of boosting your home’s value. Add fiberglass insulation to your walls and in the attic, and you can recoup 116.9 percent of the initial cost when you sell.

Though some of these changes are simple, they’ll work wonders in terms of your health and well-being. Take some time this week to try out a few of these recommendations. See for yourself how much better you feel in a space you’re proud to call home.


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