Have you noticed how everything that is going on in the world is having an impact on fashion? Celebrity culture, politics and culture are influencing the clothes we wear, the brands we pick and the brands we avoid.

Reality TV stars and music artists are heralding the way with streetwear style and the tour inspired looks, and independent brands are using their clothing as a platform to spark conversation about deeper issues. It seems that no matter what you think, or where you turn to, the world we live in is going to have an impact on what you wear. 2017 is all about making a statement, so here are a few style picks to improve your wardrobe in 2017.

Retro Sportswear:

Sportswear has been one of the biggest menswear risers over the past few seasons and now 80s sportswear is making a comeback in a big way. So if you’re serious about improving your wardrobe this year, then start sporting the retro sports tees and colours.

Jackets are becoming and important style tool so expect to see loads of track jackets being worn, the kind that make you look like you’ve been dragged from an inner city vintage shop, or an underground techno night.  Key pieces of sportswear fashion are also going to be zip up nylon jumpers, favoured by the Gallaghers, matching two-piece tracksuits and drawstring joggers.

Adidas have got the retro sportswear look down to a T, their popular sports t-Shirts are a reminiscent of the 80s and are a great wardrobe filler to add a little bit of cool and edge to your style. A lot of men are going to be sticking to the big named sports brands this year, like Nike, Adidas, Puma and Reebok, which is fine, but if you’re looking for the style brownie points this year make sure that your sportswear has a retro and vintage feel to it. 

Refined Athleisure:

Athleisure is an amalgam of active and casual wear. We could blame the booming athleisure trend on the glutinous need for sporty new years’ resolutions, but they died out long ago in the final weeks of January (like every year). Athleisure is just a cool way of being comfy, it has little or nothing to do with going to the gym, or going for a run, and more about being hungover, tired or just lazy and wanting to throw something on that makes you look better than you feel.

After the streetwear revival of 2017, athleisure is transforming. Until little over a year ago, fitness did not have its own trend, but now it has different seasonal wardrobe additions, so this style is definitely on the up rise and has shown no signs of slowing down.


Casual and comfy clothing is going to be big this year, streetwear is becoming a way of life as well as a style choice. So if you’re looking for a little bit of edge and comfort, take notice of the streetwear brands that will be everywhere in 2017. Spanning over the past decade, streetwear brands have risen through the fashion ranks.

Streetwear brands like BOY London, Hype and Supreme are influenced by art, culture, music, and some will argue that streetwear style embodies British society, which is why they are becoming increasingly popular. High street fashion has become so watered down to be worn by more people, that the voice behind the style has been drowned. Independent streetwear brands are meeting the need for edge and Brands like Blvck use underlined dark symbols on all of their clothes.

These designs are inspired by identity, religion, death and politics and aim to spark conversation and offer more depth to style.

Hats are a massive part of streetwear fashion, they’re one of the most important accessories that you should be adding to your wardrobe to get the best streetwear style in your wardrobe.

With so many fits, styles and colours to choose from, you can honestly add a hat to any look that you are going for in any season. Remember that hats will draw attention away from your outfit, so make sure the hat you choose suits you and suits your outfit, otherwise it could be the undoing of you.

Printed T-Shirts:

It’s not only 80s sportswear that’s making a revival this year, we are also being taken on a trip down memory lane with 1990s nostalgia. Printed band tees and tour merch are going to grow even bigger this year after the revival over the past couple of seasons. Slogan tees and printed band tees are a great wardrobe filler for when you want to look good, but really can’t be bothered trying.

Companies like Supreme have made metal more mainstream, with their collaboration with Black Sabbath. Since then the likes of Justin Bieber and other clothing brands have sported Thrasher, Metallica and Black Sabbath logos across hoodies, tees and hats and this style has spilled over into the high street. This years’ take on the music inspired look is going to be a bit more understated, so dig out your old faded tour t-shirts, as retro begins to take over metal.


Kurt Cobain grunge style check shirts are a spin off from the massive 90s hype in 2016. This years’ festival tour look is making checked shirts a key wardrobe staple. Checks have been a constant staple for men’s wardrobes for hundreds of years, this pattern never goes out of style, so if you already have loads of pieces in your wardrobe then you’re on to a winner already.

On the other side of the spectrum, checked style choices that are going to be big this year are muted tones like greys and neutral colours, combined with bold checks. Neutral tweed and checked suit pieces are going to be big this year, so if you think you can pull off the checked blazer with a turtleneck, then this is your year, so go for it! Top-to-toe tonal clothing items were brought to us in 2016 and this colour trend is spilling over to 2017, so your wardrobe should already be stocked with the right ingredients to wear this years’ style trends.

Whether you’re going for the comfy casual look or keeping up with this seasons disposable fashion trends, 2017 is the year for you to bulk up your wardrobe and to step up your style game.

The biggest fashion trends that are happening this year are going to be the retro sportswear look, so focus on 80s sportswear style combinations; independent streetwear brands that can offer some depth to your wardrobe and break away from diluted high street fashion; the understated muted tones and checks look that give a more sophisticated “Prince of Wales” vibe to your wardrobe; the continued music inspired style, which is shifting away from its heavy metal focus and into a more grunge and festival focused vibe; and the up rise of luxury athleisure which means you can be cool and comfy all at once.

The best thing about men’s fashion this year is that it is mostly an overspill from 2016 fashion trends, so put your wallets away because you will most likely have some of the key clothing items you’ll need to pull off the 2017 style.




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