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The significance of writing a winning application is a known fact. Every candidate realizes that the better application is, the higher chances to get accepted to a top university are. At the same time, not everyone knows what makes an average application a good one. By mistake, a lot of students consider their high scores and wonderful test results the only reason they can be accepted to a college or university. But the truth is that the central piece of any college application package is an essay.

A good essay can change the opinion of a college commission to a better one the same way a poor essay can change the opinion to the worse. So, what exactly should you write in your own admission essay to impress the committee? Use our article as a guide for your future application essay writing process additionally to the recommendations from – a professional, qualified essay writing service.

Let’s have a look on how to compose a winning essay for one of the top universities in the US.

Application Essay Writing Tips

An average US college gets more than 1.000 applications each year. But the number of students it can accept is lower than that. For example, among 2.000 unique applications, a college committee is looking only for those 300-400 students, who seem to be the best in what they’ve written about in their essays. Of course, the degrees you have matter. But the essay is something, that can influence even the application with not such an impressive score rate.

So, what can we advise students who are interested in applying to a college or university in the US? To navigate the new process of writing for a college committee but not your school teacher, you can apply a couple of useful tips and tricks from the leading experts, and students who have already got accepted to a uni.


What and How to Write in Your College Essay

  • Show that you can take advantage of the opportunities, which are available to you. What a committee is looking for is your ability to take the most out of your educational process in their institution. All students come from different countries, cities, and schools, all of them have different backgrounds and skills. So, the admission officers are looking for those people who can take advantage of what they already have. The nationality, name of your city or school don’t matter here. All candidates are equal until they show their personalities and the ability to take the advantage of all the opportunities they’ve got. This guarantees they will take full advantage of the program, which they are applying to;
  • What makes you stand out to an admission officer is the way you tell your story. The scores, skills, and achievements you have are not impressive until you tell them in your own way. Don’t copy anyone else. Express your own style and character in the way you tell about yourself;
  • Mention your experiences and challenges you’ve faced additionally to your best achievements. Many students avoid writing about their failures, being afraid that kind of information can ruin the chances of being accepted to a uni. The fact that you show the ability to learn from your mistakes and failures will only increase your chances to become a perfect student for any college or university. Don’t try to describe yourself as a perfect student. In fact, no one is perfect. Everyone has weak and strong sides. But not everyone can show what they’ve learned from and how the’ve improved those weak sides, making them strong ones. Demonstrate how you’ve become the person you are now;
  • Focus on your essay. Of course, your academic grades matter. But probably a lot of students will have great grades, which they are going to talk about in their applications. So, don’t focus 100% of your attention on those high grades. Instead, think about the way to demonstrate yourself as a personality in that one essay. Try to stand out through your essay instead of your grades. Take your time with the essay. Don’t rush, trying to finish it in an hour. Give yourself a couple of weeks on that writing process at least. An admission essay is not a simple academic writing. It is something that influences your chances to get accepted or rejected at the college. Ask your friend or parents to go over your writing. Let them help you with the way you write about yourself;
  • And the last but not the least, think about new, unique things you can bring to the university you’re applying. How are you going to be a contributor and a personality, distinctive element in the community of that university or college?

So, that’s how you write a college essay and get accepted without any problems.


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