How to Work Out Your Abs Based on Body Type

After following several generic workouts and diets that have been vomited onto the internet, do you have the six pack, sexy ass abs of your dreams? If not, what you might not realize is that your genetic makeup can actually severely impact the appearance of your abs and the best way to reveal them.
Yes, you read that right. Your genetic make-up significantly affects how your body looks.
Everyone out there has their own “hidden six pack”. They just don’t show because they are covered in layers of body fat. The amount of body fat in a person varies from high to low based off of the three body type categories – endomorph, ectomorph, and mesomorph.
Below, we show you how to tailor your workouts to fit your body type so that you can be rocking that washboard in no time.

1. Endomorphs

Endomorphs can be distinguished by their large, round, and soft bodies. Of the three body types, endomorphs naturally have more body fat than ectomorphs and mesomorphs. Because of their body’s propensity to carry around more fat, this body type will have to exert more energy to achieve defined abdominals.
If you fall under the endomorph category, you need to start with a lot of cardiovascular exercises to increase your metabolic rate and reduce your overall body fat.
Along with that, you need to monitor your calorie intake and replace your unhealthy meals with healthier choices. Unhealthy fats should be ultimately avoided. You can also drink green tea and black coffee daily to speed up your body’s fat-burning process.
After you reduce your body fat, your abs will start to show definition. To make them pop and become more defined, you can start with this exercise routine – 20 reps of reverse crunch and toe touch with a 30-second plank, done in 4 rounds with no rest to feel a total burn.
Endomorph Workout Guide


Ectomorphs are the opposite of endomorphs. They are naturally thin and skinny, have low amounts of body fat and muscle. Although they might find it easy to burn fat, gaining muscle mass will entail a lot of effort, which makes this body type the so-called “hard gainers.”
For the skinny ectomorphs, burning fat is not a problem. However, gaining muscle mass is. To increase your muscle mass, you need to increase your daily calorie and protein intake the healthy way.
Consume at least 3000 calories a day, from healthy sources, not crap. Instead, include of cheese burgers and lean-muscle building foods such as grass-fed beef, beets, brown rice, oranges, eggs, cantaloupe, organic milk, quinoa, spinach, apples, and cottage cheese.
To support your diet, perform workouts that strain your entire body all at the same time for greater results. Include exercises and activities such as swimming, deadlifts, weighted squats, and dumbbell lateral raises. However, you should not train every day, take rest days now and again to maximize protein synthesis and increase muscle gain.
Ectomorph Workout Guide


Mesomorphs find it easiest to achieve a six-pack success than the two other body types listed above. They have the ability to shed extra fat with ease and gain muscle mass with minimal effort. This is credited to their naturally athletic, lean, and muscular physiques.
Since you are naturally blessed with a lean and muscular built, making your abs pop will require less effort. To maintain your physique, you should follow this macronutrient breakdown – 40-50% complex and low-glycemic index carbohydrates, 25-30% protein, with 25-30% healthy fats.
Take note that most of your carbs should be taken in during breakfast and post-workout to replenish your body without storing fat.
To keep your body from gaining fat and to better improve your lean muscle, you need a combination of regular cardio exercises and compound weight exercises. You can do weight training, high-intensity interval training, ab exercises, and moderate cardio thrice per week, as long as you rest at least once per week.
Mesomorph Workout Guide

In Conclusion

Wrong exercises and diet equal wasted time, effort, and money. Start right and see your dream abs pop at a speed of light!

Sanford Harvey

Sanford Harvey

Sanford Harvey is a researcher and writer at Genemedics Health Institute, a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy clinic in the different states of USA consisting of highly trained hormone specialists.

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