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Struggling to find a way to pair up your watch with your suit? Here’s everything you need to know about how to wear a watch with a suit, including styling tips!

Are you struggling to find a way to pair up your watch with your suit? Maybe you need to impress at an interview, your best friend’s wedding’s coming up, or you just want to look superb in church on Sunday?

Ok, scrap that last one, but you get the idea.

We get it. Life just throws stuff at you sometimes and you reach the point where a watch and suit seem like they’ve no business being anywhere near each other.

Sit back, take a deep breath. We’re going to show you how to wear a watch with a suit with these hot style tips.

Before you know it, you’ll be rocking out suits and accessories like David Gandy on awards night.

Choose Your Metal

We could care less how you dress for casual Fridays, and it’s absolutely ok to swap out the band for less formal occasions if you’ve only got one watch.

Barton has a slew of colors in leather and silicone for loafing around on decks or hiking along winding pine trails. 

But the suit has needs. And metal’s the stylish essential the suit’s sophisticated eloquence demands.     

Here are your choices: steel, silver, platinum, titanium, gold or silver watch.

Watch color and belt buckle should match. If you’re not wearing a belt, match the watch with the fasteners on your suspenders. If you’re not wearing either… no, we’re not even doing that. 

If you’re wearing a ring and an earring, matching both would be a plus. Are you trip enough to pull it off?

Keep it simple and elegant. The watch should tell the time and that’s all, not be able to navigate a forest and identify bobcat poo.

No Big Faces

Yes, we’re still talking about the watch, but since you asked… No, they don’t look good on men and they don’t belong on a watch. 

Charlie across the room there shouldn’t be able to see the time off your wrist unless he’s hanging binoculars from his neck, which, judging by the rest of Charlie’s outfit, he likely is. 

Size is important. Like the ideal temperature to pour a Pinot Grigio. Not so big you can serve shrimp off the face during the wait staff’s vape break, but not so small no one sees it’s you with the suit and watch pairing to rival Bowie and Iman.

No numbers either. We all know our numbers, this isn’t an episode of Sesame Street.

And that doesn’t mean we’re endorsing digital. Digital was in style for about twenty minutes when you were twelve years old.

You’re not twelve anymore. 

Simple bars on a plain black or white background and let’s move on. 

Location is Everything

The wrist, sure, but we’re barely getting started. You didn’t think you’d just slip it over your hand and be out the door, did you?

To begin with, which wrist?

Assuming you’re among the fortunate majority, you have a choice. It’s not automatically the left. In fact, if you’re left-handed we might almost insist on the right. 

A suggestion: a watch is best worn on the non-dominant hand. This way it’s less in the way while the other hand’s out doing stuff.

We like to see little or no watch when the arm is straight. As you raise your arm – that glass of Pinot Grigio, perhaps – just a glimpse, something to whet the appetite. 

The watch is worn on the back of the wrist, not the front. Otherwise, instead of checking the time, it looks like you’re asking to be beamed up.

And That’s How to Wear a Watch with a Suit

Now that you’re out from confused adolescence and deep into the sophisticated arena of modern men’s fashion, the question of how to wear a watch with a suit isn’t one you’re likely to be asking again any time soon.

It’s good to have you with us. Finally!

Do you have any style tips or faux pas of your own? Let us know below in the comments section.


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